10 Instagram Tools To Supercharge E-commerce Marketing

Instagram is quickly turning into the number one social media platform for ecommerce marketing. No longer is it dominated by shots of birthday parties and pet kittens. But to truly harness the power of Instagram you need the best Instagram marketing tools at your fingertips, saving you time, effort, and money. Fortunately, there is a bewildering array of marketing tools for Instagram already available – with more on their way as Instagram becomes the platform of choice for more ecommerce businesses.

Some of these tools help specifically with the ecommerce side of business, making posts shoppable; others help with growing your following, posting images and videos, or making content more engaging; and others still are more concerned with searchability, general management, or analytics.

Here are ten of the best Instagram tools for e-commerce marketing.

1)  Scoutsee


Instagram is an excellent platform for engaging an audience. But e-commerce stores are at a disadvantage as they can only add one link to their Bio.

Instagram doesn’t allow users to add links in their posts either. Which means that other users can only window-shop your Instagram.If users find a product they like on your Instagram, they can’t buy it directly or even click a link to go to the product page. They have to visit your website and search through your entire product catalog.

If they’re actually able to find the item they liked, only then can they make a purchase. This can be a hassle for consumers and may cost you a lot of sales.

Scoutsee solves this problem by allowing users to create shoppable posts on Instagram. Using this solution, you can create your own storefront, and add a link to it in your Instagram bio. Then when you share photos of your products, mention in the caption that users can click on the link in your bio for more info.

When shoppers click on the link, they’ll be taken to your personal storefront. If they’re interested in buying a certain product, they can click on the product to go to the product page.

2) Iconosquare

You may think that your posts are performing quite well, but how do they compare to your competitors’ posts? And how exactly will you see whether your latest posts are performing better than your previous ones?

Iconosquare provides you with a comprehensive analytics platform to track and measure all of these metrics, and more.

This tool’s analytics feature lets you measure your follow growth, identify the location of your followers, and analyze the real-time performance of your Instagram posts. You can also measure the number of likes and engagement you’re receiving. And the tool lets you identify the best times to post so you can update your posting schedule accordingly.

What’s great about Iconosquare is that you can analyze how each filter and hashtag you use influences your engagement rate. This will help you understand which filters work best to engage your audience and which hashtags you should use to improve visibility.

Additionally, Iconosquare is an excellent tool for keeping an eye on your competitors. Using this tool, you can compare your performance against your competitors in terms of engagement, followers, likes, etc.

You can also use Iconosquare to find out the posting habits, posting history, and most-used hashtags of your competitors.

3) Hashtagify for Instagram

Hashtagify claims to be the most advanced search engine for Twitter. Recently it has launched the same features for Instagram. It searches for and locates trending hashtags, finding the ones that will be most relevant to your audience. It can, for example, tell you the top ten hashtags related to your brand or to a current event. Hashtagify also has a Hashtags Lab, which is updated daily to keep up with the current trends and can be monitored by your social media team to see if there’s a trending topic that you can jump in on.

Hashtagify is a great resource when you want to do research to create a hashtag for your brand.

Hashtagify has just released a new Instagram tracking feature, and they’ll not only tell track the conversations happening with the hashtag, but also how many likes and other engagement those conversations are having (showing you the true potential).

This is a great research tool, and can give you a lot of insight into what other users are talking about and how to jump in on the conversation.

4) Around.io

To be successful on social media, it’s very important to post regularly and consistently. Without scheduling your Instagram posts it’s very difficult to keep the consistency in terms of timing and content.

There are lot’s of scheduling tool out there but Around.io is the only social media scheduling tool out there which connects with your store and help you to schedule Instagram posts right from your product listings. That means you don’t have to upload your product images to create Instagram posts. The best thing about the tool is it’s Day and Week planner. With the planners ou can create a Day/Week full of Instagram posts in just few clicks.

Some of the major features of Around.io:

i) Create and schedule a Day/Week full of posts from your product listings with Day/Week planner.

ii) Create and schedule posts from any product in a click.

iii) Upload any image to post.

iv) See your posting calendar.

v) Create collage from your product/uploaded photos in just few clicks to post or schedule.

5) Taggd

Transform product matched customer photos and videos into high-quality brand assets for your ecommerce business.

For many brands, sifting through customer-generated content for high-quality, on-brand images isn’t just time consuming, it’s costly.

Taggd is a platform that uses machine learning and state-of-the-art image recognition technology to autonomously match customer-generated photos and videos to your product catalogue, doing all the heavy lifting for you.

6) Wishpond Instagram Hashtag Contest Tool

Hashtag contests require users to upload a picture to Instagram using a specific hashtag chosen for the contest. Hashtag competitions will place all entries on a single page and can help bring your brand and fans together.

All hashtag searches are open for everyone to find, this allows fans to see other entries, vote and comment on pictures, ideal if you want to build an active community culture on Instagram.

Wishpond’s contest application lets you run the same contest on Facebook, Twitter and embed it on your website. All contests hosted are mobile friendly, allow you to create all the contest mentioned in this article and don’t require you to have any sort of technical skills.

They have their own campaign creator which is full of preset templates making your life very easy:

7)  Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox will give you access to a range of filters and a full suite of editing tools to make your products look more useful to potential audiences.

Key features of Enlight Photofox:

i) Allows you to edit individual layers

ii) Erase and blur items from the background

iii) Offer dynamic opacity controller

iv) Flip layers vertically and horizontally

v) Fill layers with colors, patterns and more

Selling products online doesn’t allow people to feel or touch your products, therefore the images you offer in your Instagram posts will determine the engagement for your products.

Enlight Photofox can eliminate some of the dependency on costly designers and allow you create artistic photos for your products and encourage people to engage further with your brand.

8) Like2Buy

Like2Buy is what I call an Instagram “monetization platform”. Let me try to explain. Basically, Like2Buy makes your Instagram feed shoppable by creating a separate webpage featuring a gallery of your Instagram photos. Each of these photos links to a page, meaning you can direct followers to places they can buy your products.

Because Instagram only supports a single link in your entire profile (you can’t post clickable links in your the media you post), having a monetization platform like Like2Buy is invaluable. It means you won’t lose any customers who go “huh?” after the link your bio isn’t what they’re expecting.

9) Followadder

Follow Adder is an automated targeting tool that allows marketers to identify potential followers and automate promotional activities to keep them updated with the latest products and offers that they wouldn’t want to miss.

Key features of Follow Adder:

i) Follow/unfollow Instagram users

ii) Automated photo-liker

iii) Automated direct messages

iv) Automated list creation

Email marketing is surely helping eCommerce owners to run cost-effective promotional programs; however, targeting online shoppers with the same content for all will make it difficult and take longer to generate expected sales results.

Follow Adder will eliminate the need of manual efforts and automatically display your loyalty programs to the correct audience with time.

10) Instaorders

InstaOrders is a free solution to setting up a storefront. This is another platform that uses the Instagram profile link to lead to the business’ storefront. A retailer would sign up with InstaOrders, then import product photos. The seller prices the products, and starts selling. (Any products added after the initial set-up would be automatically synced to the storefront). Merchants can use whatever payment method you currently use in your business (e.g. Paypal). Sellers receive an email from InstaOrders for every sale made.

Buyers shop the storefront like any other eCommerce solution. They do not need an InstaOrders account to shop.

What’s your favourite Instagram tool?

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