13 Essential Shopify Apps You Must Try For Your Store

Shopify is  one of the most popular ecommerce platform that’s affordable, easy to use, and ready to go right out of the box.

Shopify includes all the fundamental features you need to get a store up and running. However. you can get even more out of it if you take advantage of some Shopify apps available in its ever expanding app store.

Whether you need to manage your inventory, create custom shipping rules, send abandoned cart emails or automate social media marketing, there’s definitely ‘an app for that’.

But how to find out among those 1500+ apps which one suits your need ?

That’s why we have hand picked 13 essential Shopify apps that will help you get started with your Shopify store.

My advice: install them as soon as you set up your store!

To manage your product listings

1) Bulk Product Edit by Hextom


Managing a store with hundreds of products is not easy. From time to time, you need to decrease prices by 20% for a time based sale; adding a tag to hundreds of products to optimize searches. Don’t do it manually because repetitive editing work is what this app is best at.

Major Features:

  • Bulk edit product’s price, compared at price, tags, inventory, title, vendor, product type, weight, description, SKU, SEO
  • Target products to edit by collection, product type, vendor, tags, title, and keywords
  • Save you time from editing products manually one by one

2)  Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts is a free app that lets you import discount codes into your store, or create large quantities of discount codes for your customers to use.

Major Features:

  • Generate thousands of discount codes in a few clicks.
  • Bulk import discount codes from Groupon and Living Social.
  • View and delete discount sets

To manage your shipping:

3) Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip


Aftership is a must have Shopify app to manage shipping for your store.

It helps you to track all your shipments in one place and give your customers the information they need about their delivery. This makes it very easy for you to take care of the customer queries related to shipping  and make sure that they are updated quickly and easily through the shipping process.

Major features:

  • Automatically import all your shipments in one place.
  • Give your customers the power to track packages with your branded tracking page.
  • Send automatic email or SMS delivery notifications to reduce customer support .

4) Parcelify


Parcelify let you create simple yet powerful shipping rates based on address fields, products, total weight or price. Whether you’d like to create a “5$ Bike delivery” shipping rates for your neighbors, a “Free hand delivery” for your coworkers or an expensive 25$ “Plane delivery” for that remote region in your country, we’ve got your back. Oh! you want that rate only for orders above $100? You can do that, too!

Major features:

  • Take control of your deliveries, both local and international.
  • Create custom shipping rates that perfectly suit your needs.
  • Save time with a slick, simple, native interface

To keep the store SEO ready:

As a shop owner, you know that getting people to visit your site is important. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is by having your store show up on the first page of Google.

While that is easy to say, it is more difficult to do.

5) SEO Manager


SEO manager makes it easy for you to understand and implement SEO measures that will return positive results.

Simple to use, this app allows you to take control of how search engines see your site, and gives you real time feedback about the success (or failure) of your search engine optimization efforts.

6) Bulk Image Edit by Hextom

Images are the most important assets of your E-commerce business. But you need to make sure that the images should not slow down your website. Size of the images should be reduced without loosing the quality.

Also, alt texts for images are must for SEO. Optimized alt texts helps you to rank on Google.

Major features:

  • Bulk Image Edit helps you (up to 51%) reduce the image file sizes by a single click without loosing any image quality.
  • Add product titles, vendors and keywords to your images so Google will display them to your potential customers.
  • It helps you to make all your images to the same width/height ratio for uniform display on your store.

To make your store user friendly

7) Instant Search



Boost conversion with the best search app for Shopify . All-in-one solution, InstantSearch+ is the most advanced and fastest Shopify search app for your e-commerce store.

Your visitors would get personalized, relevant product and query suggestions – from the first character they type. The clear, concise suggestions attract visitor attention to products that match what they are looking for.

Major features:

  • Instant Search, Semantic Search, Auto-Filters, & Smart Navigation
  • Delight shoppers with Big Data Product Recommendations
  • Automatically generated, fully customizable filters to help users narrow down results

8) Quick View by Secomapp


This extension gives your shoppers a quick access to product preview in one click without reloading the whole site.

The Quick view (Quick Shop) app will not only reduce the shopping time but also bring the convenient experience to shoppers. Your shoppers can view product details quickly without leaving the catalog navigation. This makes browsing products easier and faster, which encourages sales.

Major features:

  • Reduce shopping time
  • Bring the convenient experience to shoppers
  • Let customers view the product information in a Fancybox popup on the category and homepage in one click

9) Smart Wishlist


Smart Wishlist is the next generation wishlist for Shopify Stores which enables your customers to create wishlist without user registration or login.

It is really simple to use and the wishlist can be created by just one-click. It is super-easy to setup and anyone with no coding experience can easily do this.

Major features:

  • Customers can create wishlist without Registration or Login.
  • Customers can add items to Wishlist both from Collection & Product pages.
  • Customers can share their Wishlist via Social Networks & Email.

10) Social Login

With Social Login, customers can login with their existing social identities. By avoiding existing registration and login procedure which is slow procedure it’s an opportunity for increased customer conversion.

Major features:

  • Easier and Faster Login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn & Amazon.
  • Customize Services. Choose which service you like to have.

To promote your Shopify store

11) Social Media Marketing Automation by Around.io


Social media is a great place to start promoting your store. But it’s not free! It takes a lot of time and effort to build an audience on social media. The most difficult part of social media marketing is the ‘consistency’.

Around.io helps you to be consistent on social media and boost your social traffic.

Major Features:

  • Connects with Shopify to import all your product listings inside Around.io dashboard. Also connects with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr to schedule your products in a click.
  • Week/ Day planner to schedule your product listings to share on social media.
  • Collage maker to create collages from your product images quickly to share or schedule.
  • Pst library where you can create your own post to share and save for later usage.

12) Conversio


Conversio (previously Receiptful) is the all-in-one marketing dashboard for your Shopify store.

You can send all types of emails (Receipts, Newsletters, Follow-Ups & Abandoned Cart), as well as use our on-site widgets (Product Recommendations, Product Reviews, Customer Feedback and Supercharged Search) all from the same intelligent, automated dashboard.

Major features:

  • Design and send different receipts to different types of customers to optimize every marketing opportunity.
  • Start recovering your abandoned carts with intelligent abandoned cart emails.
  • Follow up emails for repeat revenue.
  • Personalized product recommendations.

13) OrderlyEmails – Designer Email Notifications

Orderly Emails helps you easily customize the emails that Shopify already sends for your store. For example, the Order confirmation email sent to a customer when they make a purchase.

In other words, the app does not send any emails itself but instead replaces/upgrades the default templates in your store with much more professional and effective designs.

Major features:

  • Beautiful designer templates – for each Shopify notification email – that match your brand.
  • Easily include product recommendations, discount codes and promotions directly in your emails to sell more.

For high volume Shopify stores

14) Veeqo

Veeqo pulls in all of your Shopify orders from all your Shopify channels into one central dashboard, and allows you to ship to customers anywhere in the world in just a few clicks. No importing/exporting complex CSV files, and no need to log into any other platform – shipping a high volume of Shopify orders is all handled in one place.

Major features:

  • Ship Shopify orders quickly and accurately from a single platform
  • List Shopify products directly up to eBay & Amazon in a few clicks
  • Dispatch Shopify orders using Amazon FBA
  • Strengthen your branding with personalised invoices

Have you found any other apps which you can’t live without for your Shopify store? Don’t hesitate to comment below or email me at tamal@around.io to suggest your favourite app.

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