20 Top eCommerce Blogs That Must Be On Your Reading List

At Around.io, we try to keep up with a ton of information that pours in through our emails, our feeds, our subscriptions and more. One of the core processes that we rely on — and that we know has helped a lot of sellers — is following relevant blogs that are making a difference in the eCommerce industry.

Obviously, there’s a lot of noise and picking up signals can become increasingly harder. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been selling online for years, here’s a list of blogs you must definitely bookmark. Add these to your feed reader and check on every day to find some amazing, actionable advice, strategy and information about eCommerce.

1. We Make Websites Blog

Great insights on ecommerce with a lot of interviews with entrepreneurs who run successful stores online. The WeMakeWebsites blog is almost like an alternative for Shopify’s blog. It has some great resources and case studies too. And it’s frequently updated.

2. A Better Lemonade Stand

Richard’s blog about eCommerce (startups) is a go-to resource for most newbie ecommerce entrepreneurs. It’s a blog filled with amazing resources and information about tools and the ways of selling online. Richard also writes on Shopify’s blog.

3. eCommerceLift

John’s eCommerceLift is a popular blog for newbie sellers and veterans alike. The case studies are one of the best places within the blog that you should check out (for tips and inspiration). The blog is updated very frequently with some amazing information on eCommerce.

4. Store Growers

Store Growers is one of the ecommerce blogs where you can find answers to almost every type of an ecommerce query. Dennis, who runs the blog, has over 5 years of experience in ecommerce and puts out a ton of information that you can use to grow your shop. Although not frequently updated, the posts generally rich and detailed.

5. Openshopen Blog

Openshopen is a software like Shopify and their blog has some amazing insights about the world of eCommerce startups. If you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur, this blog has a lot of information about kickstarting, running, managing and thriving in the eCommerce economy. Blog also covers a few posts occasionally about Openshopen’s product. Laura’s posts about eCommerce are full of rich and valuable insights.

6. Business2Community’s eCommerce Category

While the interface sucks, there’s a lot of great posts on B2C’s ecommerce portal. B2C has been around for a long time and some of the posts reflect the expertise of the community. There’s an almost endless stream of resourceful posts that you can tap into.

7. Home Business Magazine’s eCommerce Section

Home Business focuses largely on freelancers and solo entrepreneurs who work from the comfort of their home. The eCommerce section has a ton of great detail on some success stories of online sellers. It also features the occasional insights / tips and eCommerce news.

8. Sell with WP

Sell with WP is specifically aimed at WooCommerce and WordPress plugins used in eCommerce. It’s more of a tech blog that deals with a lot of the backend stuff. If you run a WooCommerce store, Sell with WP is a must-read.

9. Shopify Blog

Shopify’s blog is a collection of highly actionable posts. Besides the regular blogposts, Shopify’s Blog also offers a ton of free resources (in the form of pdfs or other downloads) along with general product and industry news.

10. Practical Ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce is considered industry’s leading eCommerce news source. Besides news, the blog also covers a lot of ground about eCommerce entrepreneurship, advice/tips on selling more, on building a popular store and more.

11. HubSpot eCommerce Blog

HubSpot, popular for online marketing (inbound marketing) tools and resources, also posts occasionally about optimization for eCommerce. Their posts are characterized by a ton of information coupled with concrete data from the industry.

12. Get Elastic

Linda, who writes (and runs) Get Elastic (and Elastic Path), offers some very practical, often out-of-the-box insights about selling more through your shop, building great relationships with your buyers/visitors and a bunch of other eCommerce things. Get Elastic is one of eCommerce industry’s greatest blogs / resources of all time.

13. Prestashop Blog

Prestashop’s blog — while targeted at being a product news blog — churns out some really useful and great content. A majority of the posts are about Prestashop features but there’s the occasional nugget that can be very useful to you as a seller.

14. Bootstrapping eCommerce

When I first stumbled on Shabbir’s blog, I got hooked to the in-depth and genuine retelling of his experiences as a seller. Bootstrapping eCommerce is almost a journal of his eCommerce journey with very actionable advice.

15. Groove eCommerce Blog

Groove’s eCommerce blog is a mixture of industry news, insights, resources and curation. Currently, they’re running a series on Holiday sales with weekly insights.

16. ecommerceFuel

Andrew, of eCommerceFuel, runs one of the most reputed blogs in the eCommerce market. Not only is the blog a great place to learn tricks of the trade, but the community as such is vast and very experienced. Besides industry news and case studies/interviews, the blog is tailored for entrepreneurs who’ve left their day jobs to pursue a life in ecommerce entrepreneurship.

17. eCommerce Platforms

Originally started as a blog for comparing eCommerce platforms, this has now grown into a “go-to” resource for everything involving shopping — carts, deals, software, actionable advice and much more. Catalin, of eCommerce Platforms, is a popular and well-known industry expert when it comes to eCommerce.

18. Bigcommerce Blog

One thing I like about Bigcommerce is the clearly segregated categories so the product news posts are not clubbed with the eCommerce tips posts. Bigcommerce’s blog is a great resource for case studies, interviews, advice and eCommerce survival tips. There’s a lot of news coverage too but they tie it up with some actionable advice usually.

19. Ecomm Tactics

As the name suggests, the blog is all about winning at eCommerce. What I love about Ecomm tactics is that the blog focuses on not just the generic stuff about eCommerce but goes into some fantastic details about the elements of an online shopping experience.

20. Shopify Enterprise Blog

The Enterprise blog from Shopify is targeted at the Shopify Plus customers but it still has some amazing insights and advice for all kinds of sellers. The blog focuses mostly on Enterprise level problems where your sales figures are huge but the case studies and information is usable across a wide spectrum of shop sizes.

How to keep up with all these blogs?

Keeping up with a flood of information can be hard. One of the ways that I manage this is by creating a Twitter list of the official tweeting accounts of these blogs/companies/people. Then, check the twitter feed (of this list) once a day to keep yourself updated. A feed reader is another simple solution to keep a tab on the blog posts only.

The list is, by no means, comprehensive. If we’ve missed a few amazing blogs on eCommerce. Let us know about them and we’ll add them — not just here, but to our own reading list too.