40 Amazing Resources to Master the Art of Promoting Your Etsy Store

Are you an Etsy seller trying to promote your Etsy store? I know that you are one of the busiest entrepreneurs on earth. Creator, marketer, salesperson, publicist, customer relations officer- these are a few of the several roles that you play in order to successfully make your Etsy sales. The surprising fact is that most Etsy sellers don’t do it full time as well. This means that apart from all the above-mentioned roles you also have a day job and a family to look after. Phew just listing out your duties makes me exhausted. Don’t worry, you are not alone in your tiring journey. There are several resources, apps and guides available online to make your life teeny weeny bit easier.

The problem with all the material available online is the paradox of choice. There is so much available online that analyzing the right one becomes a separate problem on its own. Don’t worry, we are here to do the grinding for you. Here is the one-stop shop to get all the all resources you will need to market your Etsy shop like a rock star.

Top 20 must have marketing apps for every Etsy seller to promote your Etsy store:

The rise of smartphones and mobile devices have to lead to the arrival of apps in all aspects of our life. Mobile apps have the power to increase the quality of our lives by automating, quantifying and analyzing small mundane activities of our day to day life. Marketing is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the life of an Etsy seller. Automating your Etsy marketing can reduce your time and resource consumption considerably. Like all good things in life, automation too has its downside. Excessive automation might create a robotic user experience. Here are some apps that let you automate your marketing efforts without losing the human touch.

1. Social Rank
Social rank allows you to understand who your Twitter and Instagram followers are. It allows you to make segment and sort your followers based on various criteria. It allows you to sort followers based on various factors such likes, comments, retweets, engagement etc. Once you have the sorted out data you can take appropriate action such as direct messaging, list building and so on to increase conversion. The key of this tool is to increase personalization of your messages.

2. SocialInsights.io
After spending hours promoting your products on Instagram, you would like to know whether your efforts paid off right? Well, SocialInsights will tell you just that. By analyzing the data from your Instagram account, it will give you the total number of followers gained and lost in the last day, week, month. With easily digestible statistics provided in the form of graphs, SocialInsights.io is one of the most effective Instagram analytics tools available today.


3. Crowdfire
It is one of the most popular tools for follower management app available today. They recently underwent a complete revamp. A new chatbot interface has been created to provide an interactive experience for the users.  

4. Piktochart
Infographics are all over the internet. Visual representation of data through Infographic has become very popular because of its easily digestible representation of a large chunk of data. Several e-commerce sellers who are into content marketing have invested a lot of effort into Infographics. Piktochart is a free infographic design tool that allows you to design your own infographic. With several templates and easy user interface, it is one of the most popular infographic tool available.

5. Moz
One of the most important authorities in the SEO is the Moz blog. Their tool, Moz is one of the best tools available to determine the page and domain authority of a  particular website. Whether you are writing guest posts on another website, getting a featured article about your store and obtaining backlinks the Moz tool will help a great deal to identify the authority of the website.

Wondering how to start on your SEO journey? Here 10 easy peasy Etsy SEO resources for Etsy sellers

6. Klout

If you are into social media marketing you would have already heard of Klout. It is a tool that utilizes social media analytics to gauge your online presence. It analyzes all your data and provides a numerical value called the Klout score. Klout score ranges between 1-100 and the more your score, more is your social media reach. The Klout score has recently faced a lot of backlash for not including several emerging social media networks such as Pinterest and Snapchat. Yet it creates a fair representation of a person’s influence over the well established social media networks. It is especially useful while working with influencers.

7. Buzz Stream
Buzzstream is a tool that helps you manage your Outreach efforts. It is a paid tool that effectively helps you gather and maintain contacts from various sources and make sure your outreach efforts are efficient. Buzz stream helps you in finding the contact information of influencers and maintaining them, automating the timely responses.

8. Canva
Images are an integral part of any successful social media campaign. Canva is a powerful free image editor (a paid version with high-end features is also available) that lets you create impressive images. It provides a plethora of features that allows you to create stunning images. Its large set of CC0 images, editing options, text and color palette options all add to make it a go-to tool for all serious social media marketers.

This is another paid image editor. The fundamental differentiating factor of getStencil is its amazing simplicity. For extremely busy entrepreneurs and online sellers with a shortage of time, getStencil is definitely a very useful tool. With not too many features and very simple to use interface, it is a great tool for quick image editing.  Some of the salient features are its various background images and image resizing options.

10. Riffle
It is a google chrome extension that allows you to tweet better. It provides twitter analytics such as the number of followers, tweets,re-tweets and favorite links of any follower. This kind of data though not accurate will help in gauging the social influence of any particular user. It helps you in building an instant rapport with any twitter user by giving an insight into their social activities thus making interactions more meaningful and personal.

11. ReferralCandy

Sharing is the essence of social media Click To Tweet

In today’s social world, friends are the biggest influencers in our buying decision. Referrals have become a natural part of our social media activities. Referral candy helps you incentivize the referral process making it mutually beneficial for you, referrer and the potential customer. ReferralCandy creates a unique referral link to all your customers. All their referrals are tracked with the help of that link and appropriate offers and perks are offered to the referrers on your behalf. It is basically a one stop shop for all your referral marketing needs.

12. NerdWallet Indie

Do you want to promote your store with coupons and promo codes? Have a lot of customers asked for offers and discount coupons from your store? Nerd wallet Indie is just for you. Nerd wallet indie is a site where independent sellers can advertise their store and promote their coupon codes and discounts with thousands of shoppers who are interested in handmade products.

13. Etsy sales map

This is an essential tool that should be in the toolkit of any serious Etsy seller.  Etsy sales map creates a map of the geographical location of your user base. The visual representation of this data helps to understand your customers better. This better understanding can help you create better products that fit customer requirements. This also helps in effectively planning your marketing and promotional efforts.

14. Tailwinds

Visual marketing is proving to be really effective for Etsy sellers. Pinterest and Instagram are the leading social media platforms in the visual arena. Tailwind is a tool built exclusively for visual marketing. It provides a wide set of features such scheduling posts, analytics, bulk images upload etc. for Pinterest and Instagram. Their multi-board pinning and chrome extension are some note-worthy features that help a great deal in Pinterest marketing.

15 Craft Monkey

The effectiveness of email is yet to be matched by any other medium of communication. Statistics tell us that

By end of 2019, the number of e-mail sent per day would touch 246 billion Click To Tweet (source:http://www.radicati.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Email-Statistics-Report-2015-2019-Executive-Summary.pdf)

Email marketing is still one of the most effective means of marketing for any e-commerce sellers. Craft Monkey is a tool from the popular email marketing tool MailChimp that is exclusively built for Etsy sellers.  All you have to do is integrate Craft Monkey into your Etsy store. Then you can just drag and drop your product images to create well-designed emails for all your email marketing campaigns

16 Around.io

A popular social media marketing tool that is built exclusively for e-commerce sellers. It allows Etsy sellers to promote their products across all major social media channels from a single dashboard. It also allows e-commerce sellers to schedule posts for all major platforms for up to a week. At the time when consistency is the key factor for success in the social media world, Around.io is an essential tool for Etsy sellers to be successful in the social media world.

araound.io social media tool to promote your Etsy store

17. Shoop! e-Commerce Assistant

It is an e-commerce productivity tool that allows you to sell your products across several e-commerce platforms. Shoop! now supports WordPress, WP-commerce Woocommerce, Etsy, Prestashop, and Kaskus platforms. ShooP! is a freemium software. You can use the free version for as long as you want and there’s no need to pay for ShooP! for the free version

18. Marmalead

It was a basically started as an Etsy keyword search tool and has now evolved to accomplish much more. It is a must have tool for any Etsy seller who is looking to do some serious sales. Marmalead is basically built to help you improve your Etsy listing. As they rightly claim on their website

average listing means average sales. Click To Tweet

When you connect your Etsy store to Marmalead, it observes your listing and grades your listing with a simple alphabet to understand where you are in comparison with other Etsy sellers. It also provides you the details on how it grades your listing, this will help understand and rectify the flaws in your listing. It also has another interesting feature that tells you the top keywords with which shoppers are engaging and how much competition each keyword has.

19. Pop Watchers

It is an app that provides a simple and intuitive search. It allows customers to find popular products from all the popular stores. The support e-bay, bonanza, etsy, amazon,  Zappos for now.

  1. Merchpin

Merchpin provides an easy way to integrate your store on your website/blog. It provides automated product sync that allows your products to be synced automatically.


Top 20 blogs every ETSY seller should follow to promote your Etsy store:

With the age of Internet, we are continuously learning every day. Each day is a new beginning and if you are smarter than you were yesterday then you are growing. Blogs are certainly one of the best ways of learning new insights. There are several Etsy blogs out there that claim to teach everything you need to know about Etsy, but whom to listen to is a difficult choice to make. Here are 20 blogs our choice that we believe give you the best information and insights to grow your store.

1. Launch grow joy

Who can teach you better about the nuances of the Etsy world than an accomplished and experienced Etsy seller? Launchgrowjoy is a website by Andreea Ayers who is an experienced Etsy sellers. She started it to teach other Etsy sellers all that she had learned in her Etsy experience. The blog covers a range of topic getting traffic to your store, converting traffic into customers, getting featured in famous blogs and printed magazines. She also has several online courses that are quite popular among Etsy sellers.

2. Everything Etsy

An interesting blog that provides videos, tutorials and tips on all aspects of the Etsy business. It is quite popular among the Etsy community and it is a definite recommendation on any Etsy blog listing.

3. A better lemonade stand

Though this blog covers topics that are generic to all e-commerce sellers, it is a must read for Etsy sellers. It covers a range of high-quality information and training that can prove quite useful to you in the journey to grow your store. The most interesting aspects of this blog is the regular articles on the various experiments with SEO and other forms of marketing. The ideas and learnings from these experiments provide great advice to grow your Etsy store.

4. Handmadeology

This blog by Timothy Adams is a classic example of successful Etsy sellers coming out to share their experience and expertise with their peers. It is a blog that is made by an Etsy seller for Etsy sellers. It covers a wide range of topics that can all prove to be useful for Etsy sellers from Etsy tips, craft ideas, photography tips and small business tips. They also have a featured shop list and a marketplace where you can promote your shop and products respectively.

5. Copy Blogger

The copy blogger is one of the very prominent blogs in the world of digital marketing. From 2006 copy blogger has been publishing great content to help create quality content. Quality content helps to make attract quality and quantity traffic that helps in boosting conversion and in turn build your business. In the digital age, the way we communicate information has become a very important factor in standing out in the highly competitive market.

6. Handmade sellers Blog

Handmade Seller Magazine is the one of a kind monthly digital magazine for handmade sellers. The magazine subscription is paid  but you can access the blog for free.

The magazine provides monthly courses, video tutorials, downloads and research trends. Topics like SEO, product photography, sales copy, marketing are covered in the courses.

7. Etsy-preneurship Blog

Etsy-preneurship is actually a popular book written by Jason Malinak where he wrote about business fundamentals needed to be successful on Etsy, including taxes, bookkeeping, marketing, finances, daily operations, legal requirements and other business skills.

He has put some good resources in his Etsy-preneurship blog for Etsy sellers.

8. Marmalead blog

If you have gone through the apps section then you already know that its Marmalead has already been featured in our top apps for Etsy sellers. Apart from their app they also have a very informative blog that publishes several articles on SEO, marketing tips, success stories and several other tips and information that can help e-commerce sellers. They have also have a podcast where they share and discuss information that can help Etsy sellers grow their stores.


9. Altop e-commerce

This site acts as a content aggregator. It collects the top 5 stories on a wide range of topics from across the web. Though this site is not exclusively for Etsy related information, it is a easy way to find the best performing content from all Etsy and e-commerce influencers.


10. E-commerce Nation

It is a go-to resource for all e-commerce sellers to get tips, tools and expert advice. It is a one stop shop for everything a shop owner needs for developing, learning and flourishing in the highly competitive e-commerce space. They aim at building a community of experts from different domains so that their discussions can prove beneficial for everyone.


11. Help scout

This blog publishes articles related to customer loyalty extensively. They provide applicable ideas to delight your customers and build/measure true customer.

12. Bootstrapping e-commerce

Another important e-commerce blog, that covers several important topics such as SEO, PPC, social media and several other important aspects. Created by a successful e-commerce seller, the blog publishes practical tips on several digital marketing activities in a shoe string budget.


13. Blue Stout

This is a blog for all e-commerce sellers looking for strategies to scale their business. They publish “how-to” articles, video trainings and in-depth interviews with leading ecommerce CEOs.

14. Backlinko

If you have been following blogs, then there is a good chance that you have come across this blog. Created by Brian Dean, this site is one of the leading authorities in the SEO space. They publish several expert articles on SEO.

15. Social Triggers

Marketing is a very important skill for an entrepreneur. The Social Triggers blog publishes in-depth articles on how to market yourself and your store to attain your desired sales.

16. Groove

Another interesting blog that tackles the problems of e-commerce sellers. They provide interesting insights on e-commerce sellers issues like conversion, website designs and marketing metrics.

17. Around.io blog

A blog for e-commerce sellers that covers a wide range of topics related to the e-commerce industry. Their practical and applicable ideas are easily applicable without much of an investment.

18. Hubspot

Hubspot is the leading expert in the field of digital marketing. They cover a wide range of topics that includes content marketing, email marketing, social media etc. Their insightful articles on these topics are very influential in the digital industry today.

  1. E-commerce fuel

This blog provides several insightful, interesting and actionable tips on several e-commerce topics. Their commmunity of independent e-commerce sellers with 6-7 figure sales is their main focus but the blog is a must read for all e-commerce enthusiasts.

ecommerce blog to increase store sale

  1. Kissmetrics

An authoritative blog in the analytics area. Their blog provides several insightful articles on marketing, analytics and testing. Their webinars and online courses also provide useful information on analytics for everyone from a beginner to a pro.Kissmetrics blog gives amazing info to promote your store




The journey to Etsy success is not easy. Any guidance and tips that can help you is a boon. But whom to trust and which tools to pick that is the biggest problem today. This blog post is intended to tackle just that problem. Go ahead and check the blogs and apps that we suggested. Happy selling!

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