40 Must Know Tools For eBay Sellers To Grow eBay Business

It’s the largest marketplace on earth and can be a very lucrative way for a business to make money. eBay can be a money pot for marketers who know how to make the most of it and work smarter not harder.

Doing all the work can be quite the burden. Fortunately, there’s a smorgasbord of great eBay software and apps that make life a whole lot easier. From setting up your store, social media interaction, listing, making more of customer support to payment and shipping – there’s an app for that.

Here are more than 40 tools to better manage your eBay business and grow .

Linnworks –  It’s a cloud based solution to manage all your business processes like multi-channel selling, listing management, inventory management, order management , reporting and more. Linnworks is a complete solution for all your eBay store tasks.

Shiphero –  You don’t have time to deal with errors, late orders, and a complicated setup. ShipHero is built to make sure everything that happens after a sale, is optimized to reduce cost and easy to manage.



Orderhive  –  Orderhive Have an ability to sync and manage your multiple eBay stores from one single interface, helping you save hours of efforts that you would spend by performing back-end tasks manually. With Orderhive-eBay integration service, you will get real-time insights of your inventory from anywhere.

Brightpearl Like Orderhive, Brightpearl’s eBay inventory management software synchronizes your orders, inventory and customer data from multiple eBay sites all in one place. Through the use of Brightpearl, you’ll not only see your internal order processing times come right down due to better workflows, but it will help you replace the manual efforts of updating orders as shipped with tracking references, or amending stock levels.

Xsellco – Xsellco is a great tool which connects support, feedback and pricing in one platform. Centralize all your customer queries and order details from every sales channel into one connected dashboard to reduce the response time and retain sales. With it’s feedback feature Improve your seller scores by automating selective feedback requests that target happy customers.

Skubana – This is a tool specially designed for high volume merchants. Skubana works as the central nervous system of your operations. It unifies all the tools you need to run your business, automates all the repetitive tasks, and even thinks for you about profitability, forecasting, and demand planning. On top of it all, it allows for unlimited extension of possibilities through an App store ecosystem.

Around.io –  Around.io is a great tool to promote your eBay listings on social media without spending much time or effort. You can connect your eBay store and all social media accounts in one place. You can then create social media plans and schedule. It has a bundle of features to boost your eBay store traffic from Social media.


Veeqo – helps sellers manage orders, inventory, shipping all from within one dashboard. It integrates with eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and major couriers. Veeqo provides reduced shipping rates for sellers via major partnerships with courier companies.  

Wonder Lister – This is an eBay listing and order management tool. In addition, Wonder Lister can export data in a user-configurable format. Thus, the user has the option to export data to be imported into Amazon or Shopify or Magento etc.

Just Template IT – This company specializes in eBay template and store design.  But they don’t stop there!  They can also handle Amazon Webstores and a lot more.

CrazyLister  – This is a user friendly, drag and drop editor for eBay listings. With this you can actually design exactly the way you wish to show your listings. They offer both free and pro plans.

Taxjar –  This is truly sales tax on autopilot. Once you’re synced up to TaxJar, you’ll see your sales tax collected by city and county, across all states you owe sales tax (have Nexus). These get updated every day. You will know if you’re collecting enough sales tax and even when your returns are due. All you have to do now is file. With AutoFile feature, we will automatically submit your tax forms for you when they are due.


eBay Sync – Unify  – This useful app by Unify helps you to connect your eBay with Quickbooks. Quickbooks does the rest of the job for you!

nChannel Connector for eBay – The nChannel Connector for eBay gives you the power to grow your retail business by selling more products in more channels. With this tool you can integrate your eBay product data with all of your sales channels like Amazon, POS or webstore.

eBay/PayPal Fee Calculator – It’s vital that you pay attention to the cost of doing business. It helps you to enter various fees you are paying for selling on eBay and finally calculate your selling prices.

SitePal – Add an animated speaking salesperson to your eBay auctions.  It helps makes your page more dynamic and boosts conversion.

InkFrog – Ink frog is also a very useful listing  management solution for eBay sellers. Not only listing, this tool offers a lot more features for eBay sellers.

Supreme Lister – Downloaded software that lets you create your auction listing, add templates and submit it to eBay, right from your desktop.

AntListing – is an all in one solution to help you manage eBay Listings, eBay transactions, PayPal transactions, shipments and more.

BuySAFE – BuySAFE is a bonding service that insures your auction and website listings up to $25,000 against fraud. If you are selling any type of expensive or luxury products, buySAFE can give your customers confidence to buy.

ChannelAdvisor – Tool for inventory management, ad creation, order fulfillment and more.

Vendio – You can use it to maximize your eBay sales, open a store, brand your business and make your eBay listings more effective. You can also launch listings of Amazon from Vendio.
eBay Sales Reports – Essential on your list of eBay tools. This helps you track your performance, measure your existing business and determine areas of improvement.

Turbo Lister – This is one of eBay’s tools for free listings. It allows you to customize your listings, upload and edit items in bulk and manage your auctions. Essentially for bulk posting.

Auctiva  – is a great tool for small eBay sellers. It includes several features that eBay charges for such as photo hosting, scheduler and  hundreds of auction templates. The Auctiva eBay tool also includes a scrolling gallery you can put in your auctions or on your website or blog so you expose everything you are selling on eBay when someone looks at just one of your auctions.

eBay  Tools For Product Research/Sourcing: 

PicClick – Interesting search engine for eBay that provides a visual shopping interface.

CheckAFlip – Here’s a cool new resource.  CheckAFlip is a free eBay pricing tool. It works by typing in any item to the search box. The site searches eBay for all listings, current and sold for that item.  This information helps you calculate a decent selling price.

Terapeak – This is another good eBay tool for research. Allows you to evaluate your pricing and sourcing strategy, get insights on product and buyer behavior, track and measure your competition automatically.

ShelfTrend – ShelfTrend gives eBay Business Sellers live marketplace intelligence to increase sales and find new opportunities.As an eBay Powerseller you need to be aware of your selling environment more than ever. ShelfTrend gives you a greater perspective of the eBay marketplace by providing focused, relevant eBay analytics.

Hammertap – HammerTap is an eBay research tool that will help you discover what products to sell and how to make more sales more often. When you sign up for the HammerTap service, you’ll receive the research tool, plus free webinars, a ten-part Power to Profit course, and articles to help you increase your eBay profits dramatically.

The Firefox toolbar for eBay is an excellent eBay tool for buyers and sellers. The Firefox add-on lets you quickly access things like your eBay auctions, price comparisons for various products and customer reviews. You can easily search eBay using this tool and get preview pictures for products in the search results. The Firefox tool also supports eBay in the UK, Australia and Canada.

If you don’t have Firefox the default toolbar provided by eBay has similar features.

eBay Image Management Tools:

PhotoBucket – A good place to store images for use in eBay auctions.

ImageShack – Handy eBay tool for storing your images for use in your listings.

Photoblat is a neat utility if you want to save some money on adding photos to your eBay listings. The site allows you to upload photos to the service. From there, you can add those photos to your eBay listings page through tools like eBay’s Blackthorne Pro. All the photos are hosted on the Photoblat site.  

eBay Tools For Shipping management:

Zenstores – Zenstores connects your eBay shop with leading couriers so you can organise orders, book shipments and print shipping labels for all your eBay orders with just a few clicks.

Aftership – Aftership provides white label tracking page so you can provide tracking option to your customers. Auto import tracking numbers and order info from US eBay store every 3 hours.  It automatically tracks latest status and send out push notifications via emails or SMS.

Readytoship – ReadyToShip is a simple, powerful and affordable tool that automates the manual parts in your shipping process, saving you hours every day. For small and large online sellers alike, it seamlessly connects your store with your shipping carriers. Automatically fixing customer addresses, generating labels, invoices and picklists, and updating your customers with tracking numbers becomes a breeze.


OrderCup – This tool streamlines and automates order management, fulfillment and shipping for eCommerce, providing real-time, precise order status from the point of ordering to delivery. It’s innovative, easy to use, web-based system helps you integrate with multiple online channels and shipping carriers, allowing you to provide better customer service while saving you time and money.

pbSmartPostage – pbSmartPostage allows you to buy andprint exact postage, and ship and track packages, directly from your computer. It stands out because it’s a cloud-based application, meaning there’s no software to download, and you can log in and monitor your mailings from any computer, any time.

Shipping Sidekick lets you compare shipping rates between all the major carriers all in one spot.

Stamps.com – is another on the list of great eBay tools to help you save time and money on postage.

Endicia – Print, pay and manage your postage and shipping right from your computer.

eBay Tools for Drop Shippers:

Shipwire – Shipwire is a third-party fulfillment service where you can store your merchandise and they will drop ship it directly to your customers.

WorldWide Brands  – WoldWideBrands is simply the best service for locating legitimate drop shippers who will work with small eBay sellers. They have been in business for ten years and is the only drop shipping info company that eBay works with.

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