6 Secrets for Launching a Successful Etsy Shop

Some of the best things you can do to help become successful selling on Etsy is to prepare for your first few months selling on Etsy. Take a look at the list below, make a note of any tips that you want to try and schedule them in your calendar. And if you have your own tips to add, feel free to leave a comment below. If you’re new to selling online or dream of starting your own Etsy shop someday, let these six steps be your guide.

for Launching a Successful Etsy Shop

  1.    High Quality Photos

Your photos need to be sharp and present your product in a great light. This is what they first see and this is what will either grab their attention or send them looking for something more titillating. Plan on having pictures of the product at multiple angles and with some form of size comparison so they know exactly what they’re purchasing.

  1.    Superior Customer Service

How you deal with your clients speaks novels for your business more than anything else. The pictures have snagged them, your attitude will keep them. Always respond to messages and inquiries as soon as you can, preferably within 24 hours. If they make requests for small adjustments that don’t take much time, happily oblige. Always ask for feedback.

  1.    Smart Pricing

When you first start, most of your pricing will come from checking out competitors in order to make sure you’re not charging way too much. The other side of this, however, is making sure you’re not doing more work than you’re being paid to do. While promising a specially crafted necklace for $20 sounds great, if it takes you 10 hours to make it, you’re only pulling in $2 an hour—less when you take into account PayPal fees, shipping and taxes.

  1.    Remain Patient

Unlike retail or corporate, freelance work never results in a steady paycheck every two weeks. Instead, it’s comprised of bursts of work followed by periods of relative nothingness. In the beginning, you’ll be faced with much more barrenness. This is completely normal. Do not let it discourage you. Instead, do the best you can with the few orders you get to start earning some strong reviews. As those grow, so, too, will your customer base.

  1.    Treat it like a Business

If your ultimate goal is to make enough through Etsy to live solely on that income, remember to always treat it like a professional business. What you’re making now is no longer a simple hobby. It is the way you are going to become independently wealthy. This means things like business planning, financial tracking and a defined motto are an absolute must.

  1.    Spread the Word

Market yourself as much as you possibly can. Send out e-mails. Pay for some ad space on a few blogs that have to do with what you sell. Ask clients for referrals. Unless you spread your name, there will be no other way for new clients to find you save for word of mouth or random Etsy searches.