6 Type of Videos That Will Help You Sell More – Video Marketing for Online Sellers

Videos have worked good for online sellers. Every video that you put out brings a lot of benefits each of which contributes to more traffic (and more sales).

Even simple videos (that need no more than a tripod and a point-and-shoot) can make a huge difference in your sales.

Think of this: one viral video made DollarShaveClub insanely popular. And then here’s something funny: on ecommerce websites with videos, sales increased 160% even when the visitor did not see the video.

DollarShaveClub video example

The bottom-line is: video marketing works like crazy.

And here’s how you can get started!

The 6 Types of Videos That You Can Make to Get Started with Video Marketing

  1. Product videos
  2. Workshop videos
  3. DIY videos
  4. Artist Routine (Slice of Life) videos
  5. How-to (hacks) videos
  6. How to (use your product) videos

Here’s what each of these is.

1. Product Videos: Show Your Product, Make It More Lively

For online shops, photos are here to stay. That is not going to change.

But you don’t have to stop there. Having a video of the product makes it even more “live” and gives the visitor a closer feel of the product.

Paperica has a simple video that shows the range of paper crafts that Gayatri churns out. It’s very short, simple and displays a range of products from her shop.

Come to think of it, it’s just a collection of photos but that it’s a video makes it much more shareable.

2. Workshop Videos – Show Your Process

Quite a few artists work record videos of their work. That is, how they create something for their shop.

It’s kind of interesting to watch an artist create something.

Although it takes a while to make these videos (and you might even have to edit some portions out for length), “work-in-progress” videos pique the curiosity, kind of like a “teaser”.

Eventually, people who see the video will be interested in checking out and buying the finished product. And all you had to do was record a video of your creative process and post it on YouTube and Facebook.

Here’s a short (under 2 min) video of this kind from TheAngryWeather for one of her products. (Note that she doesn’t link to the product in this video but you should! You don’t want the visitors to just watch the video and leave).

3. Do-It-Yourself Videos

People looooooooooove DIY videos. Even if most of them are not going to make the thing (and instead, buy it from you), DIY videos do well on social media and other video websites.

I guess it’s mostly because a DIY video makes you believe that you can create something beautiful or useful without having to purchase it from a shop.

Whatever be the case, do-it-yourself videos can build your brand quickly!

It is a common misconception that DIY videos will actually make you lose sales (after all, you want to sell the product, not teach someone to make it on their own). But DIY products increase trust.

And trust + brand is a killer combination for increasing sales.

Man vs. Pin video (hardcore chicken wire craft!) promotes SparkFlight’s Etsy shop. It’s a cool example of how you can make use of DIY videos to rank higher and drive people to your Etsy shop.

4. Artist’s Daily Routine

A daily-routine video is similar to your workshop / “process of making an item” video. But this one is more personal and invites the viewer into your daily life.

It’s a slice-of-life of your daily creative routine.

This one’s underused because it takes a longer time to make it and edit the video for a final output. Nevertheless, it’s another type of video that you can use for video marketing.

I absolutely love Fran’s Friday routine video where she ships all Etsy orders on her shop.

5. Creative Hacks, Tips Videos

Creative hacks are interesting because they make our lives better.

Everyone has some set of creative hacks that we use almost on a daily basis (from using the bar of soap and kitchen utensils to carve something beautiful to making use of plastic bottles instead of throwing them away).

Simple little craft hacks can make for a great video.

Joanna Zhou’s (Maqaroon) ten craft hacks is an awesome example. Of course, this one’s done almost very professionally but check out how simple it is.

Sometimes, you don’t have to stick to craft hacks. You can instead opt to go generic.

For instance, here’s Carmen’s video on productivity. As a creative artist, you can make videos on being productive as an artist.

6. “How to use your product” video

The closest people get to experience your product online is through photos and videos.

Nothing beats an explainer video showing how to use your product – whether it’s an origami ring or a weekly planner.

That’s what Erin Condren does with her “Erin Condren planner”. She produces professional videos and it’s pretty easy to figure out how popular she is on YouTube!

When you show people how to use your product (or how it fits, how it looks when worn, how it appears in a setting), you give them even more context and whet their appetite for your item.

Videos work Insanely in Online Shopping

There are a lot of benefits to using video marketing.

The thing is, it works in converting visitors and viewers into buyers much better than anything else.

1. Videos spread better, more, faster on social media (Facebook) than any other form of a content. Once you upload your video to Facebook and share it (not just from your profile / page, but market it effectively), it’s going to take off.

video marketing - reason #4

2. Having videos on product pages (doesn’t work for Etsians, but other sellers using platforms like Shopify or LemonStand can integrate videos into their product pages) can increase conversion to about 25-45%.

video marketing - reason #1

3. Google often ranks YouTube videos higher than websites!

video marieting - reason #3

video seo for video marketing

Videos are ranked higher than normal web pages in Google search!

Okay! Now You Want to Make Videos… Don’t Forget This–

I said videos work insanely for online sales.

But what matters is the emotion that you convey through your videos.

Having plain ol’ videos showing your product or a slide-show describing a creative hack might work but not as good as something that’s infused with emotion.

Humor, curiosity, upbeat peppiness, controversial, boldness – these are things that make people watch and retain the memory of a video longer.

Go back to DollarClubShave – their video is funny, serious, satirical all rolled into one and what you have is a virality that literally made their business win.

But you’re now thinking that you’ll have to get some professional videographer, write a story and shoot a lot of videos and then work on the edits.


Let’s go back to my favorite: Fran’s video on her Etsy Friday routine. With some simple, humorous edits, she makes the video a delight!

What will you need to get started?

  1. A camera. Point-and-shoot are good enough these days. Many point-and-shoots feature full-HD video recording (1080p) which is more than enough for great videos.
  2. A tripod. You can grab one from Amazon or eBay for cheap.
  3. A simple video editor. Windows Movie Maker should be enough for most videos (Movie Maker includes transition effects, ability to trim, add text etc.)

That’s it. That is all you need in reality to make a simple, interesting video. (Of course, don’t skip the part about infusing humor or interest in your video!)

After you create the video – places to upload

What happens after you create is that you will need to share the video in a lot of places. Here’s a list you can start with:

  • Youtube (obviously)
  • Facebook
  • Vine and Instagram (if you can make 6- to 10- second videos – works great for the creative hack videos)
  • Vimeo (although not as popular as YouTube)

After you’ve uploaded your video and share it on social media, find out bloggers in your niche and email them a link – a nice touch to your video marketing campaign that can help you reach more people!

video marketing - the 6 types

What’s Next?

Go out there and make your first video!

(p.s: And if you have made product videos, share a link to it here!)

What to learn more?

Craftmakerpro has a great series on video creation. You should check it out!

And here’s a few more examples of how ecommerce websites use videos to boost their sales for free.

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