7 Smart Strategies to Sell More on Special Days (Like Mother’s Day)

A list of 7 super-effective strategies to help you sell more on days like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Christmas, Labor Day etc.

Here’s a quick question: can you remember the last time you saw some ad (or a social media post) related to #MothersDay?

Let me guess:. Just a few minutes back?

Every single popular special day that we know of – Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, Boxing Day and a gazillion other days – is now a time for online sellers to grow their sales.

This is because more people are shopping online instead of going out to a retailer.

Given that statistic, it’s only natural for online sellers to capitalize on these special days.

Why does every online seller run an offer or a campaign during special days? Because it works.

The fact of the matter is, trends and “what’s hot” command the attention of the people.

Take a look at Twitter’s trending hashtags and you know what I mean: people talk about what’s hot at any given point of time and that snowballs into millions of people talking about the same thing.

Not only this but we are now attuned – as consumers – to look out for deals and special offers on these “shopping” days. That’s behavorial change at its best.

So you decide to run one. But here’s the thing: it might not work out well. Why? Because there’s just too much noise.

And that’s the big problem.

There’s so much noise that no matter how good your offer is, you might make precisely zero sales and never get to make use of the shopping season to grow your online store.


Just because you couldn’t promote your sale well. Just because all the noise drowned out your marketing efforts.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is finding out (and promoting) in a small set of channels where you can reach a lot of highly-interested people.

It’s super-targeted marketing.

It’s not hard if you can spot where you can gain a lot of reach without spending too much time or money.

Here’s 7 of them.

1. Start bootstrapped: Start with the most accessible circle first.

You just setup your Mother’s Day campaign (replace with whichever special day it is). You have the graphics ready, the coupons set… all the works.

But you’re stuck. Where do you start? Social media? Google ads?

Start with the most accessible circle first.

start small

In most cases, it’s your friends and family that you can reach out to – a quick phone call, a text message, an IM, or reach out on social media.

Then use your email list. Email your old customers, new customers, other people who signed up to your email list.

And work outwards this way.

Friends and family > email list > groups and communities you are part of > your social pages and profiles.

2. Find vertical communities: Promote in relevant groups on social media, niche forums and places like Reddit.

Niche communities are great places to sell because of two reasons:

  • They are made up of super-targeted people who are already tuned-in to your product/offering
  • Most of us love a good, timely offer on something that generally costs a bit more during normal days

If you’re a passionate seller, you’re already part of all these niche communities – forums, discussion boards, groups on social media (Facebook, typically), chat groups, and subreddits.

facebook group post

Keeping in mind the rules of the group, promote your seasonal offer in these places. They generally deliver better conversions than other places.

3. Create gift guides and give them away

Gift guides are uber-simple growth hacks that have become common. But they are powerful.

Think about this: someone looking for Mother’s day gifts wants to look at multiple gift options to pick the best one.

A gift guide gives this person all that she needs.

gift guide

And that’s a great way to promote your shop.

Be generous and promote products from other stores too. Your subscribes will love you for it.

A gift guide goes beyond sales. It helps you build a brand that everyone loves and knows well.

4. Write on popular blogs around seasonal times – a D.I.Y or a handy tip or a nifty little product that will make a huge difference.

Whoever said guest-blogging is dead is only looking at the short-term, SEO value of it.

A mention / link from a popular blog around a niche is going to help you get more sales. You can grab these links in two ways:

  • Wait for the blog to notice you and mention your product
  • Write something useful for the blog’s readers, get published and find your link there.

The second option is what people call guest-blogging.

write for blogs

It sure takes time but it pays off in the long run in many ways: backlinks, authority, brand mentions + popularity, free marketing etc.

Just one tip: write something super-useful for the blog readers. That’s the only thing that will get the blog owner consider your article for publishing.

5. Collaborate with influencers.

Influencers are people who have a ton of followers (10k – 500k+) and these followers are super-relevant.

Here’s an example:

You sell beauty products and you want to capitalize on Mother’s day. So you setup a campaign.

You want to target teenagers and millennials. How do you do that?

Ads with targeting is okay but when you want to reach thousands in a trust-worthy way, influencers help!

influencer marketing

When you collaborate with influencers, you don’t place an “ad” (although technically, it’s a sponsored ad). The influencer tweets or IG’s your product.

The fact that the influencer posted it gives it a 100x more trust quotient than if you were to place an ad on Facebook.

6. Collaborate with other sellers to create great product bundles.

This is a growth hack with two big benefits:

  • When you create a product bundle in collaboration with other sellers, they will also market this bundle (which means more free promotion for you)
  • Product bundles do better than regular products because there’s always the perception of getting more for less.

This is much easier to execute if you can reach out to sellers within your city (or neighborhood) because that way, you can setup a product bundle quickly.

product bundles

Product bundles for a special day are always great.

The other side of this is creating product bundles from your own shop and promoting them via ads.

7. Ads are not evil.

The thing about reaching out to people in the ways mentioned above is that they are not scalable. They happen organically and sometimes very slowly.

Ads, on the other hand, are instant result-getters (when they work, that is).

You have two major options: Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

Of course, there are other options too (for instance, if you sell on Etsy, you could use Promoted Listing).

The single biggest benefit of ads is that you can reach more people from outside your circle of friends, followers, group members etc. The key is to target the right audience and you’ll get great ROIs.

Start now

Read through the strategies that can help you sell more and grow your store during seasonal sales?

Now’s the time to act. Get started right now.

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