A New Innings [Blogpost #3] — Pinterest Clean Up and Thoughts on Content Curation

Another week of “what we did and what we learnt”s are here:

This week, we decided to start clearing up things in our Pinterest profile. Everything from profile to descriptions to group boards needed to be checked.

This also meant leaving a lot of group boards that are not active or have limited following. I didn’t like doing this, but we needed to do this to re-position Around.io and be seen as a social media marketing tool for a bigger audience.

Before the start of the purge, we had about 52 boards (most of them group boards that we were part of but weren’t really active on). After the clean-up, we now have about 20 boards.

Do you know what group boards are? Here is how Pinterest explains them:

Group boards are ones you share with other people —anyone you invite can save Pins to them. They’re great for planning projects, making a party list, or simply sharing ideas with a group.

How to leave a group board that you joined earlier?

  • Go to board, click on “Edit Board” and you will see list of people who are part of this group board.


  • You will also see a Leave button next to your name in that list.


  • Click on that button, and confirm. You are done.

Here’s an awesome resource for finding group boards for your niche (one that we mention very frequently): pingroupie.com

When we first started our Pinterest account – way back when Around.io was targeted at Etsy businesses – it was optimized for Etsy sellers. Now, as we are growing, we need to rethink our Pinterest strategy.

A few things to remember about Pinterest

  • A lot of people are searching on Pinterest these days
  • Pinterest also has an algorithm on showing pins, not all pins are equal anymore
  • More engagement your pins get, better chances of you showing up in search results and more chances of your followers seeing your pin

Quickie: If you search for “Shopify” in Pinterest, first pin that shows up is a blog post from Around.io. Super proud about that. But not a lot of people search that term on Pinterest though :)


Coming up with a strategy to “curate” and build relationships

The next step was to come up with a strategy to “curate” content for all social media platforms. For this, I thought of creating a list of blogs that I like and blogs that write relevant and awesome content for SMBs and online sellers.

Sleeves rolled in, browsers fired up, we started looking through all the blogs and websites that would fit our description.

Here is the list we came up with (and we update it on a regular basis):

The more we thought about curation the more we realized that a Google sheet won’t work. It will be too much work to check hundreds of blogs each day.

So, we did the most obvious thing – went to Feedly.com and started creating collections.

There’s very little chance that you’d not have heard of Feedly but if you don’t know what it is, here is how they describe themselves:


In simple terms, it’s a blog aggregator. The best part about it is that you can add any blog into it and Feedly will keep you updated on all new posts from those blogs.

Thanks to Tamal and Chandru, we got to adding more stuff to feedly but realized that there was a problem.

The main idea was not just to be able to find content easily but to find and build relationships with these super-smart people who write such amazing content. And to stay in touch with them.

When I created my sheet, I was (thinking of) maintaining their Twitter handles and more. But in Feedly I can’t do that.

Well, it’s a problem we haven’t figured out a solution for (yet), but we will figure this out later.

For now, we need a way to know all awesome content/articles that people are writing, so that we can curate the best.

Meanwhile I stumbled on this short series and it’s interesting:

Facebook experiments are still running and some clear patterns emerge (as I wrote about in this post) but there are no new insights.

Twitter is still in the works and I will discuss about it soon :)

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