A New Innings: We’re Rewriting the Way We Do Social Media

A big change is coming to the Around.io blog.

We had a huge discussion internally (lasting many days) about what are we trying to do with Around.io’s content strategy and what do we really want to do?

What do we want our content to represent?

Ultimately, it comes down to this: what do we want our readers to gain?

A lot of things have been unclear in the past and I am here to clarify them. I am happy with what we have done so far and also realized that want to do better.

Like any other business, we constantly — and strongly — monitor our analytics data. We looked at our numbers and it looks like whatever we were doing is not giving us the results we wanted.

We believe that we can do better, and most of all, we want it to mean something more than just another social media blog on the internet.

Around.io is a social media marketing tool, and we ourselves are not doing social media to our fullest potential. It might look like an obvious thing to do, but we clearly never thought about it this way.

So, better late than never.

We are going to blog about what we are doing on social media: our successes, our failures, everything will be shared here.

About once or twice a week, we will discuss what we are doing on our own social media accounts and why.

We will be writing these posts as work diary for us — writing every little thing that we tried, everything that worked, did not work, anything that made us happy, sad, cringe or whatever other emotions we felt along the way.

To borrow a couple of phrases from GrooveHQ blog, we will share all “aha” moments and all “oh-shit” moments here.

So, a final thought on this change: does this world need another person/company writing about social media?

We think this world desperately needs it, we need someone to come out and share their failures, their learning, and context behind those learnings. We really hope to fill that gap.

We being a small business, felt you might be able to connect to this at a very core level.

If you want to be part of this journey, you can subscribe here. If not, no hard feelings. You can still follow us along on this new journey :)

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