Best eCommerce Design Galleries for Inspiration

You’re thinking of setting up your new online shop. Or you’re thinking of a much-needed redesign. When designing an online shop, you need to factor in a lot of things: product photos, layout, responsiveness, white space, images, social buttons, product pages etc.

Starting from a blank state is always hard. It’s better to start with inspiration. Here’s a list of some of the best eCommerce website galleries to start your journey.


Ben reached out with his beautiful curated list of ecommerce websites and it’s definitely one of the best galleries I’ve seen. Not just because it’s a great collection, but because the segmentation is awesome. You can browse through the gallery and sort it based on the platform or category or even the amount of traffic websites receive. That’s a great feature to have in an ecommerce gallery.

Beautiful Stores


I don’t know how we missed this one but Beautiful Stores lives up to its name. It’s one of the most beautiful design galleries that I’ve seen in recent times for online stores. Most stores that are featured on this gallery have an awesome design that you can find inspiration from – just don’t copy. Beautiful Stores is update quite frequently so there’s a new shop with a new design out there.

Inspirational Shops


This is my most favorite eCommerce gallery. Not only is the collection here top-notch, but I like how you can sort the websites based on color or the platform used. Although updated infrequently, Inspirational Shop has the web’s finest ecommerce website designs. From avant garde to highly-optimized-for-sales, you’ll find a beautiful collection to tap into.

SiteInspire (Category: Shop)


SiteInspire is a huge website design gallery, mainly focusing on minimalist and artistic websites. The “Shop” category has a lot of amazing (but minimalist) ecommerce websites where you can find a lot of inspiration. The themes usually tend to be artistic, bold and sometimes avant garde. It’s best suited for two kinds of people: you’re a small solopreneur trying to sell your products online or you’re a successful ecommerce website trying to rebrand/redesign your shop into something noticeably creative.



More of an individual element gallery than an ecommerce gallery, PatternTap focuses on the little interface patterns that make a website look / work great. The eCommerce section has a lot of such inspiring patterns. The websites where these patterns exist have beautiful designs / themes.



CartFrenzy is a great collection of good-looking ecommerce websites. It’s like Inspirational Shop although the website designs here are more standard and appeal to a wider section of your buyers/visitors. Searching through CartFrenzy is easy – you can use the search bar or the tags to sort through a lot of website designs.



They don’t update this gallery anymore (the last update was in 2013), but it has a sizeable collection of some cool shops. The website itself has a partly-outdated design aesthetic but the websites in the gallery are nothing short of amazing.



Like CartFrenzy, CartCraze is a popular design gallery for ecommerce websites. This one features a lot of great designs, some not-so-great ones too but what I find interesting is that you can find ecommerce websites of almost every type here. Also, their blog is totally worth checking out.


Like SiteInspire, CSSDSGN features minimalist website designs. The eCommerce section follows the same trend but you definitely get to see a bunch of new ideas and new layouts that you can tap into. Even the oldest designs (pages 10 through 13) appear somewhat modern.



CartedUp ain’t the finest ecommerce website gallery around town but the huge collection does have some really nice themes to find inspiration. You can find platform-based websites with the tags on the right. And you can also sort the websites based on what the shop sells and the general design aesthetic (color, large-background etc.).


Awwwards is a popular gallery for some of the finest websites designs. Unlike a few other award websites, though, their eCommerce gallery is rich and populous. You should be able to find a ton of inspiration on this gallery.

Shop Site Awards


Shop Site Awards is pretty much like Inspirational Shop. Shop Site Awards has what can be called one of the finest and the most updated list of beautiful ecommerce websites. Like Inspirational Shop, you can sort based on a lot of platforms, styles and categories (subjects).

CSS Design Awards eCommerce: Not exactly a great collection but it lists award-winning ecommerce websites.

Vandelay Design’s post on best eCommerce websites

StyleTheWeb has a great collection too.

Submit yours

eCommerce design galleries are not an ideal place to get visitors who turn shoppers but they are great for some publicity and links/mentions. If you recently designed/redesigned your shop and the design is something cool / hip / interesting, do submit your shop to many of these galleries mentioned above.