Boost Your FB Reach By 5X and Get More Traffic To Your Shop with Facebook Albums

TLDR; Don’t take 5 photos of your products, take 25 of them. Then, create a Facebook album from them and see your reach :)

Well, I know this is supposed to be a post where I talk about my experiments, but been super busy with building next version of and Instagram integration (mobile app) with my team, so here is something that I want to do with you.

I have personally met more than 200 online sellers, spoke on phone with more than 500 and talked over email with a few thousand.

One common theme which I notice is people taking 4-5 photos of their products and uploading them to their shop listing, social media and just about any place that they can find.

I am here to challenge this; you should take 25 different photos of your product (I know it’s tough to come up with different angles and we will discuss that as well later in the post).

But, let’s assume you are able to take 20-25 photos of a single product. Here’s what you do next:

Go to your Facebook page and create an album from these photos, and have your product link in each photo description.

This does multiple things

  • You are able to get at least 5 times more reach for same product
  • Potential buyer gets to see a lot of your product (from different angles)
  • They have multiple places to click to go and buy your product
  • You end up utilizing Facebook’s and people’s love for photos to increase your reach, traffic and ultimately sales.

I know, you might be skeptical in the beginning and I don’t blame you. Facebook reach (for most people and pages) is at an all-time low and is constantly decreasing. But, there are 1.2 billion people on Facebook. You can’t tell me that your potential customers are not there.

Taking 20-25 photos of your product does a lot more for you.

Now, you have a lot more to post on different social media platforms than just 5 photos.

You can create a collage out of them, you can use different photos when you post on Instagram, or Pinterest or any new platform that you find.

For people who want to see more photos of your product, you can link back to your Facebook photo album from your product listing.

Let me make this clear:

Facebook albums get a lot more reach (upto 5 times more) than regular posts. So, why not utilize it?

I know it’s gonna be a little more work for you, but at the end of the day, you should put more time in promoting/marketing your products than you put in creating them.

I have met handmade sellers who invest up to 40 hours on each item they sell (they are of course high-priced items) But, put very limited time in promoting them. I want you to challenge and change that.

Ready to get started? Here are some examples that will inspire you!

Types of photos you can take/share/use here:

1. A Work-in-progress photo

(in different stages, from conception to finished product, you can take multiple photos and then put them together)

2. Final product shot

3. Someone using the product


4. A photo shared by a customer/influencer (this can do wonders for you)

This is a #ThankYou note shared by a customer:

5. The classic “Ready to be shipped” photo

6. Size clarification photo

7. “Leaving for vacation” photo

8. Giveaways

All you need is a bunch of photos for every product you want to promote, to get started.

Do you want to try it?

I am willing to work with 10 of you to help you build this and see the kind of difference it makes to your Facebook reach and your shop’s traffic. Just comment below and I’ll get in touch with you!

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