Meet Canva – Your New Free Online Design Tool

Dear Etsy sellers, meet Canva. A Crazy good design tool for the rest of us. By ‘rest of us’, I mean those among us who don’t have (or don’t have the time for) Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator and such tools that the designers around the world wake up to & more often than not sleep with. Designing is not our primary job as an Etsy seller, it it? No, it is not. Our primary job is to make amazing craft items and sell it to the people who love to buy it from us.

But Still, Pay Attention to Design.

Good Design is free. You know it – that is the fundamental foundation on which your Etsy shop is built on. Like any good design, Canva is a free tool too. Canva runs on your browser, meaning there is no installation required. Just signup with your Facebook or Email ID, and you have all it takes to be creating great designs in no time.

made in canva illustration

Revolutionizing the Design Industry

Every once in a while, there is a product that comes along that revolutionizes the way an entire Industry works. Apple Inc. revolutionalized personal computing industry, Ford did that to automobiles, Google’s Android platform did that to mobile computing. Along the same lines, Canva is revolutionizing Design industry. All of a sudden the Internet has started to look much better offlate, cos everyone now has the same democratic access to this free tool. So you should definitely be putting this amazing free tool to good use, day in and day out.

Creating Etsy Banner with Canva

road to success etsy banner by canva

One immediate use case that I can suggest for you is to try using Canva for creating you Etsy Shop banner. Here are a couple of other things that you can try as well.

  • Try creating the Instagram posts for each of your produuct listings. [A Handy Tip: Canva is available on iPad App Store too.]
  • Create designs for your shop, that can be pinned on Pinterest. Downlaod those images and name them something relevant to what your product is about.
  • Create Twitter and Facebook Posts for your product and download them from Canva.

Then Schedule them on Let the Social Media Begin!

Once you have say 30 images that you have designed with Canva in about 40 minutes(!), posting them manually to social network is kinda dumb. It defeats the whole purpose of saving time on designing with Canva! So you can head to and schedule all of those designs which are now part of your store – to go into the Internet and meet your customers eyes to constantly nudge them about the awesome products of yours.

how canva works

Using Canva

A great many number of good things about Canva, that we like…

  • You can simply pick a template and start designing from there.
  • The templates come in various pixel sizes e.g Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Twitter Post, Presentation 16:9, Blog Post Infographic etc. The thing of our interest is the ‘Etsy Banner’ template.
  • Once you pick your Etsy Banner Template, you enter the design panel, where on the left side you have the controls and design elements like Text, Shapes, Photos, Backgrounds, Layout templates etc. On the right is your Canvas, where you will be using the design elements that you pick from the left side panel.

Other Fun Features that We Love on Canva

  • You can upload your own photos to Canva and use it in your designs.
  • The Photo handling works like charm on Canva. You can apply filters that adds Hue, Vignette, X-Process, Contrast control and much more to make your picture look better with simplicity.
  • There are about 1 million stock photos you can pick from within Canva. Which means you don’t have to go pic hunting in Google Images and pick something that doesn’t belong to you (and end up feeling guilty for the rest of your life!). You just pick the image from Canva and use it. Make a payment of $1 when you download it. Simple and inexpensive.
  • You can Download/Export you design from Canva in either PNG format or PDF format.
  • You could also share it with your social networks directly from Canva, if you want. I don’t do this very often. I prefer to download, then rename the pic file accordingly (This is important — I spoke about it in the previous post)

Canva Review? – It’s Over. Now try it!

Funny thing is – it is easier if you just start doing it, rather than reading this. Cos you know something is simple enough and ll done, when explaining it is actually hard! Try explaining how to lie down on a bed and put a bed sheet on yourself before sleeping, in a blog post. That is how I feel right now explaining Canva to you.

So lets stop here and I am gonna ask you to head to this link and create something in the next 5 minutes and share it.

Future is what people do in their next five minutes.

Drop us a line at @aroundio_ when you do.

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