Complete Guide to Creating Beautiful Etsy Cover Photo for Your Shop

Of the limited ways to customize your Etsy shop, banners stand as one of the two prominent visual cues (the other one: logo). It’s not the sort of thing that makes or breaks sales but an Etsy shop banner is where you can get creative, exude personality and, on occasions, announce discounts!

On April 5th 2016, Etsy came up with one of the biggest visual changes so far. They changed the old Etsy banner and created a more social media style cover image. The classic banner image was 760 pixels by 100 pixels. The size of the new Etsy cover photo is 3360 x 840 pixels and its minimum size is 1200 x 300 pixels.



Sellers who are not interested in creating the new cover images can stick to the old banner images of 760*100 pixels. The only downside to this is that the old version of Etsy banner won’t be available on mobile devices. With the major chunk of internet users shifting to mobile devices, this might be a big setback.

Along with the cover photo Etsy came up with a list of changes in its design. Check out Everything You Need to Know About Etsy’s “Brand New Design” In 10 Points.

Here are some strategies for designing new cover images that works.

Visual Uniqueness

Except the products and the small text that describes your shop, almost every Etsy shop is similar. Feels similar. What gives a touch of uniqueness to your shop is the logo, the product photos and – if you have one – a shop banner.

Visual storytelling is a beautiful art in itself. But how much of this can you apply for an Etsy banner?

Turns out, you don’t have to over-think. The key is to keep it simple.

If all you want on the banner is just to announce the shop’s name, you can craft a beautiful Etsy banner that does just that. Nothing more, nothing less.


Noavider uses a banner with a pattern of a torn paper which gives a unique visual appeal to it’s store front.

VApinx sells paintings and art prints and the banner – nothing but the shop’s name – has a themed background that kind of depicts what the shop is about. Paints.

Etsy Banner Basics – Size, Formats and More

You have 3 branding options: banner, cover photo, shop icon only.

If you pick banner, your existing banner shows up on top (as cover photo) but it will not show up on your mobile.

If you pick cover photo, you’ll need to add something that’s at least 1200x300px (ideally, 3600x840px).

The size of the Etsy cover photo is 3360 x 840 pixels and its minimum size is 1200 x 300 pixels

Etsy accepts most common formats like .jpg, .png .

Tell us what your shop is about

Sometimes, minimalism doesn’t work. A name and nothing else on the banner is great – but only when your shop is kind of popular.

A less subtle (but still, minimal) way of crafting a banner is to include a tagline that tells what you sell.


At BubbleGumDish, they use the banner to advertise  their own store and what are they selling “home decor, baby gifts and prints”. Simple and Clear.

As simple as BubbleGumDish , BellaLunasFlowers lets us know what the store is about i.e “Floral & Design Studio”

Tools to Create Etsy Banners Quickly: Online Etsy Banner Makers

If you like to dabble on your own, a software like Photoshop or GIMP is a good place to start. Create patterns, fill with your shop logo or text and you have something to start with.

However, if you’re looking to tap into an endless variety of graphics, patterns, font-styles etc., Canva is a great place to dive into.

There are two good things about Canva:

– First off, the app has Etsy Banner templates to get started from so you don’t have to worry about size and formats. One click and you launch right into an Etsy shop banner template you can start tweaking to your heart’s content.
– There are a lot of patterns, font-styles and even images that you can use as the banner background (and for text). Not to forget, easy to customize everything!

I’ve also seen a bunch of other banner making tools:

Some of these have patterns that can serve as an inspiration for Etsy banner design ideas. You can then build on them.

But nothing beats Canva.

Except, of course, creating a hand-crafted banner.

Show your products

Adding a little more detail to your banner doesn’t hurt. Not text, of course. You can tweak the backgrounds to feature something more than mere patterns.

PoshPeanutKids banner is a simple but elegant collage of what they sell. It also fits quite well with the color theme of the store.

Buntmal uses the banner to show off their best selling product in a a way which showcase the USP of the product.

Colors and Contrasts

If you’re designing your Etsy banner, read up a little on color theory and contrasts. It’s amazing how beautiful color schemes can compliment and create a pleasing effect – and the opposite is also quite possible where a jarring color scheme can kill the banner.

Here are some tips:

– In general, go with color themes that your shop already has (pick colors from your logo, from the products photos etc.)
– Use fonts that are clear (enormously cursive or display fonts can be unreadable at times).
– Don’t use many colors. One or two should be good. Anything above that is distracting (unless your shop is about kids and a lot of color is warranted).

Theme of your shop

Some sellers are crafty with their themes. Notice how AbracaMa banner blends with the photos on the shop. All it takes is a similar background.


The rustic leather color scheme on LifetimeLeatherCo is reflected on the banner.

Banners don’t bring sales. But they exude personality.

Sure, sellers don’t rely on banners to make sales. A shop banner is not the part of your shop that decides if you are successful or not.

But every little item on your online shop speaks something about you. It creates an impression.

A crafty little banner can subconsciously paint a pretty good picture of your creativity, artistic flair and attention to detail. And that’s one of the reasons why having interesting banners matters. Shop banners are small but important screen real-estates that help you show your personality, your creative spirit and the passion you have for your shop.

Use Banners to Announce Offers!


A clever use of banners is to announce offers like ThePrintableStudio. This is, in fact, the most suitable use for Etsy banners. The fact that you can change your banner frequently means you can put up a different message each time.

While you can use the announcement section, it’s only text. You can use banner space to announce visually. That commands more attention, easily.

How about “No Banners”?

All said, a banner is not a “must-have”. Littlecows has no banners (at least, at the time of writing this) but that isn’t stopping them from being popular.


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