How to connect Facebook and Twitter to Etsy shop

I have seen a lot of Etsy sellers who do not connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts with their Etsy shop, so here is how to connect Facebook and Twitter to Etsy shop.

There can be multiple reasons for this, I just want to make sure that “not knowing how to do it” is not one of them :)

So, this is how you connect your Etsy shop with your Facebook page and Twitter account and grab Facebook likes and Twitter followers from your Etsy shop page.

Step 1: Go to your Shop (right top) and select “Info and Appearance” optionĀ EtsyInfo


Step 2: You will see option to connect with Facebook and Twitter. After you click “Connect with Facebook” it will ask you which page you wish to connect with your Etsy shop.


After you are done with connecting your accounts, you will be able to see it clearly (and remove accounts, if needed)



Finally, this is how it looks on your Etsy store


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