Etsy and Apple Pay- What does it Mean?

Here is a good news for both Etsy sellers and buyers alike. Apple Pay is coming to Etsy! Now, what does that mean? How is it good? Read along and you will get to know.

If you are an Etsy seller and have been one for a while now, then you might have encountered at least a couple of customer disputes. If you haven’t then it is great. You are probably doing everything right or you have been lucky (maybe the gods have been gracious towards you).

These customer disputes come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the most common customer disputes include –

  1. Non-receipt of item

  2. Receipt of damaged goods

  3. Product not as described

  4. Product not ordered by the payee

In a worst case scenario, all these disputes end with the same result. There will be a chargeback processed and the money will be credited back to the customer’s account, especially if the vendor doesn’t agree to offer a refund.

Now, there are instances where even after the seller has come to an agreement with the buyer and processed the refund, buyers have claimed that they have not received the refund amount on their PayPal account or card. Most of the times it is due to their mistake or ignorance. Sometimes, the user might have used a different card or account than the ones they regularly use.

Even though it is a simple mistake or misunderstanding or whatever you call it, the seller has to deal with an unsatisfied customer. Once the buyer raises a claim, the seller has to go through the verification and arbitration process, losing valuable time and not to mention the agony (even if it is for not more than a couple of hours).  And there are instances where a buyer may claim that he never ordered the product, and the payment was by mistake (oh yeah! It happens sometimes, believe me). In those instances, again there is a possibility of arbitration, or sometimes the seller might have to lose the shipping charges for the product (even if the customer ships the product back and receives refund for the product).

How will Apple Pay help?

Apple Pay is like a digital wallet on your latest Apple mobile device. It allows the user to link his bank account and pay for the purchases at Apple Pay compatible POS or online shops with one touch of a button. In order to buy with Apple Pay, the user has to authorise the transaction with his thumb print.  When a customer buys using Apple Pay, he would have to use his fingerprint to complete the transaction, so he can’t dispute the transaction (as we all know that everyone has a unique fingerprint).

In case of dispute regarding non receipt of refund, there is only one account through with the customer could have paid using Apple Pay, so as long as the person doesn’t forget the mode of payment he used, there is no room for making mistake of mixing up different accounts.  Also, every transaction made using Apple Pay will be recorded in the Passbook.

Similarly from the buyer’s perspective, Apple Pay makes shopping easier for the buyer with its one touch payment solution. The buyer doesn’t have enter his card details or key in the PayPal credentials every time he tried making a purchase.

Also, having Apple Pay means another additional payment option on the site/ application, making it easier to buy and sell products on Etsy.  Apart from that, all other dispute resolution and chargeback mechanisms will be same as that of cards and PayPal.

Now that Etsy has announced the inclusion of Apple Pay into the system, you just have to sit and wait for it to materialise.