Facebook Groups 101 for Etsy shops

Who is this for : This content is specifically written for Etsy shop owners who believe Facebook is an integral part of marketing and social media strategy. 

Being active on different (relevant) Facebook groups can turn out to be a great way to get the word out for your Etsy shop and you should consider making it as an integral part of your Etsy marketing strategy. And thanks to awesome people around the world who created these great communities promoting and connecting is relatively easy.

Let’s discuss couple of things before we go any further:

  1. Follow group guidelines: I would strongly recommend carefully reading guidelines of each and every group before you post anything. Please, please, please respect the guidelines and policies set by group moderator(s), as violating these guidelines is the easiest way to get kicked out and banned from the community.
  2. Post and interact: Do not just post your stuff and run away, interact with different members of the community. As questions, answer questions, like, comment are some of the basic things you should be doing in these communities.

I have put together this list of Facebook groups specifically for Etsy Sellers (feel free to add more to this list by sending me a message on Facebook/twitter).

Then there are a lot of local Etsy teams and they have a either Etsy team pages or Etsy team groups, I would highly recommend joining/liking them.
Few examples:

Disclaimer: I (http://twitter.com/natwar86) or http://around.io are not associated with any of the group mentioned above in any way, except the fact that I am just a member of almost all of these groups. I just think these guys are doing great job while building awesome communities.

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