Etsy Shipping Package Preference – A Feature for Sellers to Dig

Etsy engineering team listens. The recent Etsy shipping package preference feature that is now in beta and available to sellers aims to make the life of sellers and buyers simpler. More precisely, when it comes to predicting the shipping costs, this Etsy shipping calculator feature is something every seller should dig a bit more than usual. This way there will no surprises and hard feelings between the seller and the buyer, when the transaction is complete.

The Etsy engineering team’s blog can shed light on the fact that they listen and work ceaselessly to bring features that truly delight you (the customer). Did you know that Etsy engineering team deploys new codes to the Etsy website, about 40 times everyday! Yep. You can add the ‘package preference’ feature to Etsy Shipping set of features, aimed at making shipping more predictable and economical.

Buying things on Etsy is more often than not a costly affair. Inconsistent shipping rates and policies only add fuel to the fire! Not anymore, as the Etsy team now has found a way to make the shipping process more smoother and a tad bit accurate too.

etsy shipping artwork illustration

Etsy Shipping Package Preference. How it works?

Package Preference is simply an add-on feature, where the seller discloses the true weight of the individual items on listing. Along with this bit of information, the seller also adds the dimensions, weight, size of the packaging.

Now when the buyer enters the Zip code for delivery, the package preference feature does the calculation and lets the buyers know the approximate cost of shipping.

Just a Calculator. Not an Etsy Shipping Policy.

Etsy always exercises caution when it comes to the way they build their platform’s user experience. Especially considering that Etsy is for artisans, artists and the creative lot, it is best not to be too authoritative in their ways and policies. Etsy knows this and acknowledges this. This is why the Package preference is just a simple piece of calculation software.

Glad that it was not an email from Etsy, thrusting a shipping policy down the sellers throats.

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