Etsy Shop Branding

Every shop online, Etsy or not, needs proper thoughts behind branding. But today, lets talk about “Etsy Shop Branding”.

You (or me or anyone else) gets only one chance at making a first impression. In the current market state that is, the most valuable and competed for commodity is the attention of users. Tons of surveys and research have shown that a brand wishing to create a lasting impression on the user have a margin of barely a few seconds to make the adequate impact which will have the user continuing to promulgate the brand among their peers.

For an effective first impression, it is required to have a recognizable brand where shoppers can get an idea of the basic (Etsy) shop elements including Photography and Product Descriptions.

And in order to build a brand, there needs to be an Impact on the customers through the lens of the Brand Sense.

brand compli



The first step toward achieving this is generating strong Keywords and phrases. Think about it..when you’re looking for a new book to read, the eye automatically picks out words which stimulate you. For example, a fan of fantasy genre might look for words like magic, dragons, etc.

In terms of the product at hand,  keywords are most often adjectives which describe the product and compliment the brand sense overall. The usage of strong keywords is vital in elucidating the spirit of the business to the potential customers.

Etsy describes how they approach their products with a simple and effective check-list to enable effective keywords which would enable thousands of potential customers find their products during their search on the web.

ETSY compiles a list of keywords in 4 distinct categories which are :-

  1. Mood
  2. Style
  3. Colors
  4. Use


For illustration, the featured brand in the following example is Prunella Soap, The list of keywords for the brand are as follows.

MOOD:                 Playful, Whimsical, Happy

STYLE:                 Fresh, Natural, Fun

COLORS:              Neutrals, Greens, Warm Tones

USE :                     Everyday, Bath Time, Eco-friendly Pampering

All elements or aspects of the keywords compliment and work together to establish a base emotion within the customers mind.

The next  step is on the First Impression check. ETSY have 2 base categories to evaluate their brand offering by. The Key aspects are Photography and Item Description.

Check out how Prunella Soap has it’s own checklist on the strength of their keywords:-

etsy brand checklist

ref: ETSY seller seminar 2014 ||ETSY-boost-your-shop-growth


The goal of the exercise is not to individually check every box and overall brand. Every word and phrase is required to work together to support the brand image. Think about it like a game of tug of war- every aspect of your brand description elements have to work as a team to tug even the most obstinate and unshakeable user across the line toward your product.

“A picture may speak a thousand words, But a few words may change the entire Picture.”

It is vital to use Visuals and Language to effectively communicate the brand and leave lasting impressions on the customers by mapping out plans for the impact of the brand on potential buyers.

That’s all for this time, I hope it helps you in your Etsy Shop Branding.