Etsy shop SEO – part 2

Etsy shop SEO – part 2
(find part 1: here)

SEO Search Engine Optimization - Words on Chalkboard

As previous written about, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your Etsy store find-able by the search engines at Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. It is important to have your stores able to be found, and highly ranked by the search engines. Good search engine rankings can drive huge amounts of traffic to your store. More traffic means, presumably, more sales.

The single most important thing you can do to optimize your store for the search engines is to write compelling, descriptive text about the items that you are selling in the description area and most importantly in the title area of item listings. The search engine reads your title first and a large part of your search engine placement is based on that read. It is imperative that you have the right words in your listing’s title.

What words should you use? Think like a buyer. If you were looking to find your product on Google, what words would you type in? Use those words. They are your key words.

It is important to key word deep rather than wide (these are the terms that are used in discussions of key wording techniques). A wide key word casts a big net over a lot of buyers that may or may not be looking for what you have to sell. For example, if you sell vintage photographs and just use the words ”vintage photograph” in your description, you are going to be competing with millions of other vintage photograph sales outlets. I just checked. A “vintage photograph” search on Google returns 47,000,000 listings in just 0.30 seconds. That is stiff competition.

The alternative, and preferable, approach is to key word deep. Instead of using the words, “vintage photograph”, expand to be more specific. For example, use “vintage photographs of New York City taken in the 1940’s”. That title will cut down drastically on the amount of competition you will have being found on search engines. It will also guarantee that you get your listing in front of the customer who wants to buy what you have.

Deep key words used in your store’s listing titles are the single most important SEO technique that you can use.
It is also advisable to use your name, or your store’s name, in the title. This will help with branding your Etsy store. As you grow successful, people are apt to remember the name or store name from which they purchased. They will do searches on your name. If your name is in the title of an item, the search on your name will locate you for them.

The second most important area to optimize in your store is in the first few lines of the item description. Search engines look here to supplement the information they find in the listing title. Use key words cautiously here. Too many and repeated key words annoy the search engine and reduce your chance of being found.

The rest of your item listing should be filled out completely as this will help you being located inside the world of Etsy, but it doesn’t have huge relevance to being found by search engines.

One final thought. SEO is difficult. There is a huge SEO industry that is determined to get the number one search engine ranking. It is hard to compete against that and still run a successful Etsy store. Do each listing you have to the best of your ability. Key word deep and use good descriptive words and remember to put in your name. Once you have done this for your listings, move on to another marketing tool.

Another really important thing for Etsy sellers is Tags, that’s a HUGE topic in itself. But we will talk about that soon.