Etsy Studio for Craft Suppliers + 4 More Etsy Changes for 2017

Etsy has announced a slew of changes for 2017 and some of them are very interesting.

If you’re short on time, here’s the most important changes (and updates) coming to Etsy in the next few weeks:

  1. Etsy Studio: Like Wholesale, Etsy is launching a separate section / sub-marketplace for craft suppliers to flourish. This is a great news for Etsy sellers who sell craft supplies because Etsy Studio will be a complete, dedicated marketplace just for craft supplies.
  2. A new shop dashboard: As a seller, you’ll now be able to get a quick view of all the important things in your dash (conversations, pending orders, views, etc). The new dash is in prototype mode (you can switch between the new and old looks for now)
  3. More inventory-related tools: Etsy is also launching tools to help sellers control their inventory better. An example of this being able to create and edit variations for your listings easily and adding SKUs (stock keeping units) which large-inventory sellers are familiar with.
  4. Search: As has been reported before in a lot of places, Etsy is bringing in things like machine learning to its search to help buyers find what they want better than before.
  5. Attributes: This was also talked about earlier but this feature is being rolled out more comprehensively. “Item attributes” is specific information about your product that you can add so as to rank better in searches. (the corollary here is that attributes make it easier for people to search and find the right products they are looking for)

Here’s a little more about each of these updates:

1. Etsy Studio

Etsy is launching a new sub-marketplace called Etsy Studio.

It’s a place where craft suppliers can sell and DIY-enthusiasts can buy. One of the reasons Etsy is launching Etsy Studio could apparently be because of the expansion of their “Craft Supplies” category.

Etsy Studio marks a continuation of Etsy’s commitment to all things handmade and DIY (after their 2015 debacle when they went public).

With Etsy Studio, DIY makers will have a dedicated place to find and buy DIY supplies. This means better filters, better categories, and better search.

For craft suppliers, this is a great news because with Etsy Studio, you’ll be competing with only craft suppliers and your target market is right there in one big focused group. What’s even more interesting (and important) is that there is a whole list of categories and subcategories (with filters and such) which you, as a seller, can add to your product to rank better in search. Also, if you’re a seller who has a lot of know-how about craft supplies, this can be a great place to start another shop on the side to sell craft supplies!

Etsy demoed the Etsy Studio on mobile which is interesting because it says a lot about their focus on mobile and mobile-oriented experience.

An important aside that Etsy demoed along with the Studio was Projects. Within Etsy Studio, there are a bunch of how-tos that are aimed to providing help and inspiration to DIY makers. As you would expect, all items described in the how-to (craft supplies) will be linked and easily “buyable”. No longer jumping between screens to read a DIY how-to and buy raw materials.

2. Shop Dashboard redesigned

From the looks of it, the new shop dashboard will be a great pit-stop for sellers.

There’s a bird’s-eye view of all important things (like orders, conversations, inventory, views/traffic, conversions etc.).

The new design also includes a quick and easy navigation that stays put. This makes it easy for you to navigate to any place on your dashboard in a jiffy. A nice touch is the search which should help you find anything you’re looking for in your shop’s dashboard.

If you’ve got a Pattern store, run Wholesale etc., all of that data will also be fed into your dashboard making it a unified dash for sellers. You can switch between all your shops in a single click.

To check out the new dashboard, click on the Join the Shop Manage prototype button on this page.

3. More inventory-related tools

Etsy is also going to introduce a few inventory-related tools. The details of this aren’t very clearly laid out but sellers will be able to add SKUs (stock keeping unit) and control properties of variations more easily.

As such, this is a huge advantage for sellers with large inventory (of many variations per item) and doing a lot of business on Etsy. Also, for sellers who are used to selling on other marketplaces and platforms (like Shopify and Amazon Handmade), these features will be both familiar and helpful.

4. Search

Etsy, in the announcement, took some time to talk once more about search improvements for 2017. Actually, there’s nothing new to add other than the January-announcement.

Etsy is adding machine-learning capabilities to its product search. This hopefully will make search much smarter and better for users.

A normal “search” considers a few parameters (besides the keyword you type) and then shows you the results based on them. Improvements to this system are made by humans who change the underlying algorithm. With machine learning, this will change drastically.

Machine learning is a process where Etsy search will learn from and adapt to the way a user searches and, in combination with all the data that Etsy has on the user, show more relevant search results. Machine learning is one of the pioneering technologies today that companies like Google use. This will have a huge impact on how Etsy SEO works in the near future because merely optimizing tags and keywords will not be sufficient.

Etsy has also talked about making better algorithms and improving a lot of existing ones in order to help sellers rank better and more appropriately (that will help in conversions).

5. Item Attributes

This is another feature that has been talked about before (concurrent with the announcement on search).

Sellers can add information called Item Attributes. Etsy will use this in search / SEO in order to help buyers find what they need and sellers reach their potential customers much better.

Item attributes can be added to your listings in the Listing Details section in each of your listing. Currently, you can add four parameters (primary color, additional color, occasion, holiday).

There’s some help on these item attributes here that you should checkout to leverage it.

Watch the video here

Are you ready?

Etsy has some big goals for this year and the changes reflect some big ambitions.

How about you? Are you ready with your big 2017 goals?

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