Everything You Need to Know About Etsy’s “Brand New Design” In 10 Points

On 15th March, Etsy rolled out a new design for your shop. The “brand new design” is set to go live only after 5th April but you are given two weeks to play with the brand new design and customize your shop before it goes live.

While it’s easy to say there have been mixed reactions to the new design, I think most folks love it. There’s a lot of work involved (especially if you’re way too used to the old design) but once you start customizing your shop for the new design, you might end up liking it.

If you’re not up to speed on the new development, here’s a summary of the most important changes from the new shop design on Etsy.

1. It’s a single-page design

single page design

Cover photo on TabyWaxCo

The first thing to notice is your entire shop is just a single page now.

Sure, the listings take you to a new page (for now) but the whole idea is to have a single page layout.

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Why? Because customers love it and a single page layout means less clicking on links that can take the customer away from your shop. Also, years of mobile use has made us all prefer a single-page, focused layout instead of having multiple pages accessed by clicking links.

In Etsy’s own words:

The new design brings all of your shop’s content together, so shoppers can browse your items, learn about your story and see your policies all in one place.

2. More shop sections

more shop sections

One cool thing about the new design is you can add 5 extra shop sections now. This brings the total number of shop sections you can have to 15.

We’ve also added five new shop sections, giving you the ability to feature as many as 15 sections in total. – Etsy

For some of us, 15 can be a lot (and we might never use up all the available shop sections) but more shop sections has definitely come as a good news for many sellers.

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3. Editing your shop made easy

editing made easy

© Etsy

While the primary focus of the new design is buyers, Etsy has also made sure that editing your shop’s look is no longer cumbersome.

In fact, you edit the look of the shop “live”. For those of you who are familiar with the term, it’s WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).

You can edit the various sections of your shop as they look live to the buyer.

4. Lots of customization in store

lots of customization

© Etsy

The old Etsy shop design did allow for a lot of customization but the level of detail that you can customize in the new shop design is pretty good.

You actually have many options and can customize your shop as you wish …There are 3 branding options (banner, cover photo, shop icon only), you can have 3 or 4 featured listings displayed across the top, show or hide your shop announcement, rearrange your listings, and show/hide your sold orders page. It is up to you if you want to create an About section, adding inspiration photos and stories. – Etsy

What you cannot choose to hide/show is the Policies section. That’s mandatory.

5. No more pagination

Page numbers are gone but the idea of showing 24 listings only stays. Instead of page numbers, there’s just the “More Items” button. Buyer taps it, more items load on the page, under the existing items.

no pagination

This is akin to infinite scroll but since the items are loaded in batches of 24, it’s not really infinite. The idea is to prevent the buyer from moving to some other page, getting distracted and leaving your shop.

6. Banner is not the cover photo

One major update this new design brings is the idea of “cover photos”. To be clear, your shop’s banner is not the cover photo.

cover photo banner photo

Cover photo on GritsGirlz Etsy shop

Like noted above, you have 3 branding options: banner, cover photo, shop icon only.

If you pick banner, your existing banner shows up on top (as cover photo).

If you pick cover photo, you’ll need to add something that’s at least 1200x300px (ideally, 3600x840px).

As always, you can choose not to have a banner or a cover photo. This doesn’t spoil the look of your shop at all.

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7. Cover photo shows on mobile. Banner doesn’t.

cover photo on mobile

TabyWaxCo on iPhone 5

You’ve known all along that your shop’s banner image does not show up on the mobile app.

This continues to be true but if you pick the Cover photo, it does show up on the mobile app.

Why does this matter? A cover photo that looks great on desktop may not look that good on mobile (especially so because the shop icon covers a part of the cover photo on mobile). Remember this when you design your cover photo.

8. New design is about focus

more focus

It’s called a “linear” layout. You have the cover photo, then the shop’s branding (name, icon), then you have the featured items, then announcement, and then the shop’s items… they are all linearly arranged one after the other.

In the old design, information was everywhere. In the new one, information follows one after the other.

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Linear design is used (typically) on small mobile screens because this makes it easy to focus on one thing at a time. Consuming information becomes easier and less distracting.

We have decided to put all of your amazing shop content and information on one long scroll page, rather than hiding it behind many links. – Etsy.

Etsy has applied the same approach to the new shop design in order to let the buyer focus on whatever’s on screen without sidebar distractions.

And it’s good at least aesthetically. Time will tell if it works for shops to sell more.

9. “Featured” items get really “featured”

featured items

Featured items on CreepyandCute

Featured items were really not that good at standing out of your other 24 items. The new design fixes this.

Featured items (you can features 3 or 4) show up right on top of the page in a section that is clearly separated from the rest of your shop.

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It is not compulsory to have featured items.

10. You can have your own shop policies, but there’s a caveat

shop policies

Etsy’s words (and reptitive focus) about the new shop policies has put a lot of sellers in doubt. But there’s nothing really worth worrying about.

All Etsy asks is that you have shop policies. To make this easy, Etsy has come up with a simple template that you can use. That’s not compulsory either. You can ignore the template altogether and write your own shop policies. The only thing that counts is you should have shop policies.

This is Etsy’s way of making sure buyers find shop policies (returns, cancellation, shipping time etc.) quicker than before. It’s Etsy’s way of adding more trust to the whole equation of shopping on Etsy.

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