Facebook groups for e-commerce: What we learned from analyzing 40,000 posts on Facebook groups

Facebook Groups have been one of the most popular features of Facebook right from the beginning. It allows people with common interests to come together and discuss their interests. It encourages great social conversations among friends and strangers. What started out as a simple feature has now evolved into a big social force.

In the contemporary world, Facebook groups have evolved into a platform for people from all around the world to come together and discuss issues on a particular topic over elongated periods of time. While all other debating platforms are limited by the time constraint of time, Facebook groups keep the debates and discussions on-going.

Facebook Groups for e-commerce

E-commerce is a community endeavor. There are hundreds of Facebook groups that become the meeting point for e-commerce enthusiasts. These Facebook groups become important sources of latest information, tips and also customers for E-commerce sellers. 

We analyzed around 40,000 posts from various public e-commerce Facebook groups in order to reveal the simple trends that let you be effective on Facebook groups.

Here is a list of everything that we learned.

  • Keep your posts short and concise. The average length of posts with at least 5 likes is 43.5 words
  • Optimism pays. Polarity analysis reveals that 70% of all posts which earned a minimum of 5 likes had a positive tone.
  • Share your joy. 80% of all posts that got a minimum of 5 likes conveyed the emotion of Joy.

Facebook engagement is measured through three main metrics. Likes, shares, and comments. One of the most interesting trends that we observed from our analysis is

  • Text based posts work best in garnering likes, comments, and shares on Facebook groups. So keep sharing your humor, tips and informational posts.

Let us see what other types of content works best on Facebook groups

  •  Images are the runner up in earning ‘likes’  followed by links and video. So keep sharing all your great images.
  • Want your content to get maximum reach? Link posts are the second best content type in earning you all the reach. Don’t think twice before adding relevant links to spice up the conversation.

  • Want more comments on your posts? Link posts are the second best content format that gets shared maximum


Let us take a look at these points in detail

  • How long should your posts be?

Facebook groups are platforms for conversation. Conversations are most effective when they communicate the points in a concise and effective manner. Our analysis revealed just that. Posts in Facebook groups that were crisp and concise tend to perform better.

The average length of Facebook group posts that had at least 5 likes was 43.5 words Click To Tweet
  • Be optimistic for maximum engagement

Similar to our Twitter analysis, Facebook groups too prove to be an emotional platform. Optimistic viewpoint still leads the way in garnering traction. The polarity analysis of the posts revealed that Facebook group users like to see the situation as “glass half full”.

70% of all posts on Facebook groups that had at least 5 likes had a positive tone Click To Tweet
  • Share your joy

In line with the optimistic nature of the post, we also conducted a sentiment analysis. The sentiment analysis of all the posts revealed a simple trend.  Posts which convey joy tend to earn the maximum engagement.

80% of all posts with at least 5 likes conveyed the emotion of Joy Click To Tweet

Here is the list of emotions with the percentage of engagement each one earned

EmotionEngagement rate
Disgust 1.4%
  • What is the best content type?

The effectiveness of Facebook content is measured through three main metrics: Likes, comments, and shares. Facebook groups allow you to post several formats images, videos etc. Which among these provide the best result in terms of engagement? Our analysis revealed a strong trend.

Text-based posts earn the maximum engagement in all three metrics i.e likes, comments and shares Click To Tweet

The ultimate aim of any Facebook group is to create a platform to encourage conversations. Aligning with its primary objective, conversational text-based posts is the content type that works best in getting engagement.

Our analysis has made it clear that simple text posts are the most effective in getting all three engagement metrics but how are the other content types performing? Let us see

  • Not just your friends, even FB groups “like” your images

After text posts, the best content type to get you the likes are your images. After images, the drop is quite steep. The third place is secured by link posts.

  • Don’t be afraid to share links

Facebook groups are a great way to promote your content. The reach of content can only be amplified if your readers are willing to share your content. Since relevant text posts have taken the first place as the most shared content, let us see how the other types fare. Link posts have a slight edge over images is getting you the shares that you want. Thus never shy away from sharing your links(in accordance with the rules of the group).


  • How to get more comments?

Comments are a very important engagement metric. They create a chance to develop dialogue. When a viewer takes the effort to comment on your post, it is a very evident sign of interest in your content. After text messages, the content type that can get you the maximum comments are the link posts. Take a look at the graph below to see where the other content formats stand.



Facebook groups are a great platform to build conversations and relationships. Sharing is the essence of social media and Facebook groups are no different. Please share valuable content and information on Facebook groups in order to gain the trust of your potential audience. Once you establish yourself as a thought leader or reliable source of great information then the business will flow. 

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