Complete Guide to Facebook Instant Articles Part-I

In the digital age, Facebook has changed the way we socialize forever. It has changed the way we make and maintain friends forever. It has also changed the way we communicate forever. The Facebook Instant Articles is Facebook’s attempt to change the way we publish and consume content online forever.

Instant Articles- what is that?

The Instant Articles is a new Facebook feature that comes as a solution to the biggest problem that plagues the online publishing industry- long loading time.

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the most common form of internet access. The time taken for an article to load is a major hindrance that has been causing readers to abandon articles. With ever increasing content and reducing attention spans, the loading time is becoming a matter of life and death for publishers across the globe.

The official Facebook for developers page defines Instant Articles as a mobile publishing format that enables news publishers to distribute articles to Facebook’s app that load and display as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web.

Check out this video to check out the Instant Article experience:

Instant Articles- why you should use it?

With 1.7billion active users, Facebook is definitely one of the biggest publishing platforms for all publishers. The biggest concern of all Facebook publishers across the globe is the attrition rate of readers. Data, as well as our own personal experience tells us that slow loading time is the primary reason. Every reader hates the loading symbol that greets us to a painful waiting time before we can get our content.



What if there is a permanent solution to this problem?

The Facebook team has developed a new feature that they call “Instant Articles” that allows the ultra fast loading of articles. The Instant Articles loads with negligible/ no lag, thus taking the user experience to the next level. This feature was initially tested with a group of established publishers and has now been made available for all.

According to Facebook, the Instant Articles are 10 times faster than normal web applications. They are also 20% more clicked and 70% less likely to be abandoned. Taking into consideration the growing popularity of mobile devices, these figures are a definite game changer.Apart from ultra fast loading, Instant Articles also support a host of rich storytelling capabilities, branded design and customized visual display features. These features make the documents much more immersive.

How does it work?

Instant articles is an HTML5 document that is optimized for super fast rendering on the mobile application.The Facebook mobile application allows the ultra fast loading of videos and pictures these days. Using the same technology, the Instant Articles let your content load ten times faster than conventional content.

Who can publish Instant Articles?

The Instant articles feature was rolled out to a specific set of established publishers in May 2015. After almost a year of observation and data collection, the Instant articles feature was rolled out for all publishers in April 2016.Now, all publishers big and small can leverage the power of Instant articles to drive traffic and gain traction for their content.

How can I publish Instant Articles?

Facebook has ensured seamless integration of the Instant Articles platform with several major content management systems. Any major cms such as WordPress, medium, stellar may be used to create content that can be published as an Instant Article.

WordPress is one of the most preferred content management systems available today. There is a separate Instant Articles plugin that allows publishers to render their WordPress content as Instant Articles.

Check out our Step by step guide to creating Instant Articles(coming up next week) through WordPress for more info.


The Instant Article is another great feature that is set to revolutionize the way content is created and consumed online. Though there are several questions left to be answered by the Facebook team. We can be sure that this is a feature that is here to stay. Thus the sooner we adopt it the better.

Stay tuned for interesting info on Instant Articles. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments and let’s discuss.

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