A New Innings [Blogpost #2] — Our First “Aha” Moment

You should start with our first blogpost here, it’s a 2 minute read. That will give you some context on what we’re trying to do.

Now, as we were preparing for this new journey to share all aha’s and oh-shit moments from our social media experiments, the first step was to decide on what social platforms to focus on / experiment on. And the next step was to define KPIs (key performance indicators) for each.

There are a lot of social media platforms these days. To name a few, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Periscope, StumbleUpon, Snapchat, Yikyak, VKontakt, Weibo, Vine, Meerkat, FB Live, FB groups (I know Live and Groups are part of FB, but we decided to have different strategies and KPIs for them)

Of course it wouldn’t be smart to go after all of these. We filtered out what we think is the most important ones for us right now.

Final list: FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, FB Live, FB Groups, Google+

Now, the thought process begins. I started looking at a lot of pages that I genuinely like and why I like them. Started having discussions around various posts and realized a few things (most of which we already knew) but it’s always good to double check.

For Facebook:

  • The more human it is, better it is
  • Videos (small ones)
  • Images
  • Funny Stories
  • Everything from Guy Kawasaki :)

Based on these things, I thought to dump everything on our work whiteboard in a hashtag format. I am not sure why I used the hashtag format, but it just felt right for initiating the thought process.

So here are my initial hashtags which will give me ideas on the type of posting we can make.

  • #UsefulWebsites
  • #TBT (throw back Thursday, one of the more common ones)
  • #gif
  • #AwesomeMondays (I feel Mondays are infamous for no reason, so we need to change that)
  • #ProductiveFridays (once again: why only party on Fridays? Why not make them super productive as well)
  • #WIP (work in progress) – I think this is most human way of showing what are you working on
  • #Funny (no brainer)
  • #irony (can be positive or negative news, events or articles)
  • #news (mostly world news)
  • #tech (coz, I really like tech)
  • #weirdthings (the world is full of them)
  • #history (more like a day in history)
  • #questions
  • #DidYouKnow (interesting facts)
  • #Live (can be anything live, event, FB live, news, awards, anything)
  • #insights (life learnings about business, people, books)
  • #NowReading (book that you are reading now, may be a summary of a book you read in past)
  • #lasttime (when was last time you went Karaoke, or something like that)
  • #WorkSpace (image of your workspace, messier it is, better it is)
  • #want (you find something you want)
  • #vacations (no brainer)
  • #SmartShopper (tips from smart shoppers)
  • #moneysavingtips (coz, money saved is money earned)
  • #DIY
  • #ProductivityTools
  • #ProductivityTips

So this is my initial set of things that I want to think about for all of my posts. You want me to add more here? Comment below :)

Note: Our social media is going to be little different and that is what we are going for ;)

I even posted an image of this on our Instagram account.

What kind of posts you can do on social media..more coming to our blog..what else do you post??

A photo posted by Around.io – only for sellers (@around_io) on

Facebook posts:

Test 1: Take an old blog post, take all the awesome examples mentioned in the post, and use those images and create new albums for each post.

Note: Old blog posts came in really handy here, because we have always used a lot of examples and images to explain things.

Test 2: Use GIFs. Funny ones, I have not seen any other GIFs work yet.

Test 1 delivered amazing results. Test 2, not so much.

Ok, may be “AMAZING” is not the right word, but it had way more engagement and reach than any other posts we’ve had in the past.

Also, I did this test with 2 different posts and boosted them with $2 each for a day.

facebook analytics

(click to enlarge)

First one was boosted right after it was posted and second one was boosted a day after it was posted. Results were pretty similar for reach, but the engagement on each post differed. We will talk more about this in detail in the upcoming posts.

All in all, I think you should boost posts if you are looking for engagement.

Posting multiple photos in a new album, with one Call-to-action (CTA) next to it delivered good results :)

Mid-post confession:

Coming up with a social media strategy is a full time job (at least in the beginning). Finding your voice, finding what works with your audience takes ton of time, effort and some soul-searching. I am not saying that I have figured it out, but I am realizing that it’s gonna be a journey. And I am looking forward to it :)

Another important thing is to constantly incorporate new learning in a pre-decided strategy, which in itself is an amazing experience.


  1. Facebook albums are pretty awesome to delivered really good information to your readers. The goal should be to make sure people interact with the images in the album. If you can create a step by step process, there is nothing like it. The more time people spend looking at your album, the more people Facebook will show it to.
  2. GIF on Facebook is a tricky thing (at least for me). It needs more work and more experiments to be understood.
  3. I know you must have heard it like a thousand times, but timing on Facebook is THE most important thing. Yes, I am saying what you share is secondary, and when you share is more important – I think this also needs more experimentation and data to be proved.

And I did not have time to work on all selected social media profiles right away, so I decided to work and understand Facebook first.

Meanwhile, I did try a few things on other platforms.

Instagram: I did try a few things on Instagram, but nothing conclusive as of now.
Pinterest: I spent some time searching on Pinterest and then looking at what shows up. My goal was to come up with better board names for new community (group) boards and most importantly, come up with boards that my potential customers would like to follow. Here is a rough list I came up with:

  • Shopify Themes
  • Storenvy Themes
  • Woocommerce Themes
  • Magento Plugins/themes
  • eBay Apps
  • eBay Mall
  • Storenvy Mall
  • Awesome Shopify Apps
  • Apps for ecommerce stores
  • Awesome landing pages
  • Most converting popups
  • Apps for Small Businesses
  • Email Marketing (knowledge, apps & more)

I have not started implementing any of the Pinterest boards above, but I will, soon :)

Don’t ask me about Twitter. I was thinking I would like to do 4-10 real genuine conversations on Twitter each day, but I have not been able to do it. But as Gary Vaynerchuk says, Twitter is a platform to listen, and I assure you I am learning to listen more :)

P.S: A great book to read: Gary’s Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

P.P.S: We were not able to work on decided social media platforms in last 2 weeks, but as we work on them, you will read about them here :)

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