Full-time RVing Couple Makes $2000/month On Etsy – Interview with Kyle & Olivia

When I first heard of a full-time RVing couple “who ran an Etsy shop”, I was surprised. I can’t wrap my mind around being on the road almost all the time and managing an Etsy shop.

But that’s precisely what Kyle and Olivia do.

Drivin and Vibin” is what they like to call their – journey – blog which is as exciting to read as their full-time RV story.

Natwar was on a road-trip across the U.S (for the “Grow Your Etsy Shop” events) when one of the sellers mentioned about Kyle and Olivia. A couple of emails later, he mentioned about them to me.

drivinandvibin the rv

My first reaction to the fact that there’s a couple touring a country on their RV and running an Etsy shop simultaneously was one of surprise. I mean, how could someone manage to run a profitable shop while going on an adventure that many only dream of doing “someday”?

If you read how Kyle and Olivia got to where they are today, you don’t see a magical story of transformation. There’s no hype, no hoopla.

It’s a story of persistence. Of determination. Of meticulous planning. It’s a story which proves that if you are passionate, determined and goal-oriented, you will be where you want to be – no matter what.

Just before we decided to catch up with their journey – both on the road and as Etsy sellers – I stumbled on a podcast the Drivin and Vibin couple did with Heath Padgett. One of the most interesting bits of information that emerged out of the podcast was this: Kyle and Olivia spend about 2 hours per week on their Etsy shop. You’ll be surprised at how much their Etsy shop earns them every month.

Around.io: Let’s begin with some recent context. You’re on the road, camping, out of the 9-to-5 gig and work like 2 hours a week – which should put Tim Ferris to shame (just kidding, Tim) – and yet, how many sales does your Etsy shop average a month?

Kyle & Olivia: We average 75 sales a month and aim for $2000 in monthly revenue. Our monthly living expenses are about $1200.

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Kyle and Olivia really really know how to budget their expenses. A year before they turned to full-time RVing, Olivia got two jobs and Kyle started doing more gigs (luckily, seasonal) in order to save enough for their plans to be realized. The perseverance really comes through in one of their blog posts describing their journey.

kyle and olivia soundbite

On the road, their expenses are taken care of by their Etsy shop – The Wooden Earth, where they sell vintage collectibles.

Around.io: How has the “Selling on Etsy” experience been so far? Any great things that spring up in your mind when you think of the whole Etsy selling thing?

Kyle & Olivia: We love the freedom Etsy selling gives us and recommend it to all of our friends. The Etsy clientele is the most enjoyable we’ve experience in the online shopping market.

Around.io: You said you made your first sales in the first week that you listed vintage items in your brand new shop two years ago. Did you do any marketing for this or did the sales come naturally?

Kyle & Olivia: We began our Etsy shop as a fun hobby/experiment. Neither of us had knowledge of online sales. We didn’t do any marketing in the beginning and hadn’t come close to realizing our niche. During our first year on Esty we had 179 orders, compared to 886 our second year. The best marketing we did was finding our Etsy identity and then using Etsy’s Promoted Listings service.

A lot of Etsy sellers hate Promoted Listings. But given the right setting, promoted listings have had some great results for many Etsy sellers. In Kyle and Olivia’s case, they get back close to 10x times what they invest in Promoted Listings.

the wooden earth shop

Around.io: Do you actively go out and promote your shop – say, on social media, teams, other channels etc.? Or do you let Etsy’s search and your shop’s popularity take care of it?

Kyle & Olivia: We promote our shop at the end of our Drivin’ & Vibin’ blog posts and use Promoted Listings. On average we spend $55/month on Promoted Listings and make $500/month in return.

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Talk about being on the road, camping in the (relative to urban-scape) wild and we have visions of a very “do-what-you-like” day sans all our mundane routines that make many people await the weekend so eagerly. But as Olivia points out that daily routines are interspersed with their adventurous days.

Around.io: You mentioned about having daily routines just like normal people who aren’t on the road like you guys. Can you talk about your Etsy-related routines?

Kyle & Olivia: We list new items one day month. While we’ve found very efficient ways to list, that process consumes the most time. As we explore new towns we’ll hunt for vintage treasures in thrift stores and yard sales – this is a very casual process. We respond to questions and concerns as quickly as possible, usually within an hour. The most common routine we have is packaging and shipping our product. Every weekday morning as we prepare for the day, we’ll package new orders and ship them out – this process takes about 30 minutes.

Around.io: If there are 3 lessons you’ll pass over to someone who sells on Etsy, what would they be?

Kyle & Olivia:

  1. Only sell products you love.
  2. Be patient – it took us a year to find our niche, and we still have months that are slow.
  3. Create your style – your fingerprint is on every part of your Etsy shop. Don’t cut any corners or be inauthentic because it will show!
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K&O have an active blog and an active social media presence. Has the blog helped their shop?

Around.io: Has your RV-blog, Drivinandvibin, helped your Etsy shop? Vice versa?

Kyle & Olivia: Our Drivin’ & Vibin’ brand has definitely helped our Etsy sales. Traffic to our shop has doubled since we began our adventure. In the end, we want millennials to know that a life of adventure is possible. It doesn’t take a lot of money, just mindful planning. The excitement we’ve generated from our journey has bled over into our Etsy shop.

Thanks, Kyle & Olivia!

Check out their Etsy shop here.

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