We’re excited to have your article published on Around.io’s blog!

Here’s a little bit of what we expect from a guest post:

1. The article should be about one of these:

We publish posts in one of these categories. Please try to fit your content in one of these, we would really appreciate it.

  • Ecommerce Marketing (marketing an online shop – includes things about paid advertising, social media marketing, branding, email marketing, search marketing etc.)
  • Social Media Marketing (How ecommerce sellers can be successful on social media)
  • Marketplace and Platforms (posts about marketplaces like Etsy, Storenvy or platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce etc.)
  • Shop Optimization (design, usability, SEO, carts etc.)
  • Sellers Resources (tools, apps, plugins, shops etc.)

2. Lots of actionable ideas and inputs:

Our community of sellers love actionable ideas that they can put to use right away. We try to publish articles with a lot of such insights. If you wrote something with a lot of actionable and easy-to-implement ideas, it would be a good fit for our blog.

3. Unique and easy to read:

Please make sure your article is unique (not published elsewhere). Also, make it reader-friendly with a lot of sub-headings and clearly marked sections. This way, you will make reading your article a breeze and connect with our community better.

4. There is no minimum word-limit but…

Excellent ideas and unique insights don’t need word-limits but just to deliver a high value, we try to publish long, deeply researched articles. We recommend that you try to have a lot of info in your article so that it’s at-least 1000+ words.


5. Policy for outbound links:

You can add relevant links to authority sites or sources wherever necessary. Ideally the no. of links should be limited to 3-4 but depending upon the length/type of the content it can be more.

We also allow 1 link in author’s bio.

Ready to send your outline?

  • Send an email to chandru@around.io and briefly give us an outline of what you want to write about.
  • If the outline looks good and fits into one of the categories, we will get back to you with a request for a full draft.
  • We’ll work with you to edit the draft so it fits our blog’s vision! And then we’ll publish it with your author bio.

If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with chandru@around.io :)