Let Google Images Bring Customers For Your Business

Google Images is becoming an integral part of search experience for anyone and that is why you should take it seriously. You took it seriously? Good. This post is about what you can do, after you are serious about it! Welcome again.

Just 2 days ago we published a post on blog titled “Change The Way You Think About E-Commerce”.We spoke about many things in that post and frankly, it is one of my personal favorites on this blog. So if you were one such person who read that post, it is quite obvious that you are back for more, as we at blog.around.io promised more to come after that post. For those of you who landed here directly, now would be a great time to quickly go back and read that up. It would be totally worth it! Here is the link to the Blog post: “Change The Way You Think About E-Commerce”.

To quickly set the tone, in the last post we spoke about the discoverability of your Etsy or Shopify shop and your listings. But this post is more that just Etsy and Shopify, this method will help you with any e-commerce business of yours.

We spoke about how people in the online world don’t search inside the e-commerce site itself, but they rather might just search on Google or Google images and then end up in your store, making that ultimate purchase that will make you tad bit richer. Given this change in the way people are discovering about you on Google images, how should you be discoverable? Read on.

I am gonna pick this store, which is trending as I write and use the stores image to do some digging on Google Images.Google Images Yellow skirt Retro Style 80s

Link: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/228667297/vintage-80s-yellow-retro-midi-skirt-high?ref=hp_trending

I also did the Google images search as below and the results are shown in the pictures that go along with the body of this post as we speak.

Google Images Search: “The Yellow Retro Skirt from the 80s”

BAM! The image below can show you exactly what kind of results are shown in the Google Images results page. No surprisingly, Google images has done a good job of indexing all the popular e-commerce stores for anything that matches ‘Yellow Skirt, 80s’. Interesting huh!? How can we use this system?

google images results for yellow skirt

Name Your Image for ‘What is Represents’

Here are two screenshots, that’s gonna help me explain naming and adding details to an image.

the right way to add information to images on macsaving your image in mac properlyThe one on the right side — Bad example.

The one on the Left side — Good example.

The one on the right side is the way my Mac has saved the screenshot to my desktop and the Mac just chose to name the image file in a junk manner that makes sense to machines, but NOT to Humans.

In the other image I have made it more appealing to the Humans, by simply adding information that is relevant to the image. This is not just for the Humans, it is also appealing to the Google images search robot, as it is almost becoming human with every passing day! So gear up‼

These extra relevant information that I have added to the image are now a part of the image itself.

This Rich Image is the one that you should be uploading to

  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
  • Google Pics/Google Plus Photos [formerly Picasa]
  • Your Own Blog/Website
  • Instagram

And every other place that you exist on the Internet.

Guess what happens when next time someone is gonna search in Google or Google images for “Buy Yellow skirt retro style for cheap price”?

Yes, you guessed it right. Google would bring that customer right to your online doorsteps!

Happy selling.