8 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Get More Product Reviews

This is a guest-post from Ethan Brown, who is a Shopify Website Designer at Milk Bottle Labs – Shopify Experts). Brown has a passion for helping people in all aspects to sell their goods online with a beautiful mobile friendly Shopify store.

In today’s competitive business landscape, online reviews have become critical for a majority of ecommerce sites because of their immense influence in boosting conversion rate. A survey organized by Search Engine Land revealed that around 88% of consumers tend to purchase from an ecommerce site that comprises of positive user reviews.

Reviews are considered as “trust signals” by would-be customers. As the reviews directly come from users’ personal experiences, they develop trust in other customers when it comes to making buying decisions. Additionally, reviews greatly help to improve search engine ranking as crawlers give separate attention to reviews if implemented properly.

Why do you need product reviews on your store?

As an online retailer, to sustain in this fast evolving business landscape, it’s time to think of incorporating customer reviews as a core marketing strategy for your online store. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of customer reviews.

  • Boosted Trust: Customer reviews both positive and negative, help to increase sales. In today’s hectic lifestyle, customers don’t have adequate time to browse through stores and that increases the importance of ecommerce sites because of the convenience they offer. Also, this convenience brings along a significant amount of uncertainty about the product/service offered by an online store. Customer reviews can easily clear the doubts that a prospective consumer might have and develop trust about the product/service, thus boosting sales. Newer and smaller ecommerce sites always face greater challenges when it comes to developing trust amongst customers compared to older and larger sites.
  • Improved SEO: Search engines rate fresh and dynamic content highly. Frequently uploaded customer reviews can easily convert your static product page into a dynamic one. With improved SEO, you’ll be receiving more related traffic, which helps to increase your conversion rate. Also there are other ways customer reviews helps in ecommerce SEO.  A study revealed that frequent customer reviews are able to contribute 31% organic traffic growth to your ecommerce site.
  • Provides information your visitors look for: Informative customer reviews help to answer the common questions of potential customers about your products/services. The information provided by the other buyers are much more trusted than the information you provide in product descriptions. That’s why you need to be as accurate as possible while writing product descriptions. 
  • Free advertising: Each of your products’ reviews come as a free advertising for you. Your brand and name become exposed to the world, thus increasing the awareness about you.

Here, we’ve jotted down 8 incredibly effective ways that you can adopt to increase your ecommerce site’s reviews.

1. Add review forms on product pages

Review forms on your product description pages allows your customers to leave their valuable reviews easily about a certain product. This not only helps to engage your customers but in turn, greatly aids to increase the conversion rate of your Shopify ecommerce store as well.

If possible, add a star rating feature with the review forms which will be greatly helpful to your future customers, especially for those who don’t have that much time to read a lengthy review.

2. Send an email reminder

Send out friendly emails to your existing customers who’ve had your product for a reasonable amount of time (say a week or two) to have learnt about it, experienced it and are ready to write a review. Use your emails to encourage them to become an active part of your community by writing product reviews.

You may also ask them what you can do to make their experience with your product better or enjoyable, thus earning their trust and taking the first step towards forging a strong relationship.

3. Offer rewards to customers

A majority of your satisfied customers may not write reviews about your product and this may happen due to a key reason: they don’t find anything beneficial in investing time to write reviews for your products. A great way to encourage your customers is to offer rewards in return of their feedbacks. For instance, you can offer free credit points to spend within a stipulated time and request them to write a review in return.

Coupon and discount are also great way to encourage your customers to leave reviews.The best thing about offering discount/coupon is it will not only help you to generate more reviews but also will boost repeat sales.

4. Surprise your reviewers

You can offer some rewards for your customers to encourage reviews on your website but there are lot’s of other places (like on Google or Facebook) where your customers may wish to leave reviews but you can’t offer any incentives. Also, even on your website you may not like to publicly offer any reward.

Here, the best way to woo your reviewers is to surprise them! Reach out to them and give something which they never expected. For instance it may be a gift voucher, discount coupon or any other gift. This will not will make them a loyal customer but also will encourage them to leave reviews for their purchases in future.

5. Take advantage of Social Media

You can use social media in a number of ways to increase your ecommerce reviews. For instance, you can include a link to your product review form into your social media pages and ask your fans or followers to write reviews about your products.

Social media is also a great place to show off your product reviews.You can also use bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg etc to bookmark reviews or opt for other review and rating software to share reviews with your fans or followers on social networks.

6. Focus on loyal customers

Having positive reviews about your online store is always better but if you focus on your existing customers and develop long-term relationships, the outcome will be much better. You can convert them into your loyal customers and easily obtain positive reviews from them. To delight your existing customers, you can offer special deals and discounts which would help you to make them your repeat customers.

7. Use tools to generate and manage reviews effectively



There are various ways Kudobuzz helps you collect reviews from your customers. You can adopt any of these approaches to get reviews:

1. Sending out review request via emails after a customer makes a purchase
2. Collating posts and reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, Google+
3. Review request links that sellers can broadcast to collect reviews

Once all these User Generated Content (UGC) is collected, Kudobuzz through its dashboard allows the businesses to select which content to display on their sites, share on social media or use in promotional campaigns.

Kudobuzz does all these, whilst improving the discoverability of the businesses by boosting their SEO score with our SEO minisite and displaying their site ratings in search engine results using the rich snippets feature.


Yotpo is a review management solution that greatly helps to develop lots of reviews and use them to attract quality traffic through email, social media and other channels. It also comes equipped with powerful analytics and reports that immensely help you take data-driven decisions to improve your marketing strategy. Either you can opt for its free-for-life plan or other paid plans that offer more flexibility.

Power Reviews

With the new age customers being well informed about, well, everything and the fact that the information is actually just a click away, there’s a need to be really transparent about the kind of services that will be provided to them minus the big promises that are being made. They don’t wish to hear to the ramblings at all, they wish to see how organizations are good at their actions.

And therefore there’s a need for a tool that empowers the brands to generate ratings, reviews and answers to the customer questions.

Power Reviews is definitely one such flexible, multi-tenant SaaS platform.

Product Reviews – an app by Shopify

Shopify offers a free app namely “Product Reviews” that empowers you to add product reviews easily to your ecommerce store. This not only helps you engage with your customers but also boosts conversion rate. For those without any coding knowledge, Product Reviews become especially helpful in obtaining SEO-friendly review scores, easy customization and theme-adaptive design.

8. Don’t neglect negative reviews:

One of the most common mistakes that business owners do when they get an angry customer, who is out for blood, is that they ignore him completely. This helps neither him nor you to get closer to solving the issue and thereby provide the business house an opportunity to probably retain a customer.

A good choice is to go the other way round. Taking up the issue and responding promptly will not only help to placate the customer but also raise the chances of retaining a valuable customer and despite him having had a bad experience; it might help you get his confidence. This clearly conveys one message – that customers are indeed the priority, and definitely should be.

This being said, it would not be a good idea to take on a raging customer right there and right then. A better alternative could be to approach him with a polite, empathic, personal email. This not only helps you not face his full wrath publicly but also makes him feel that his problem is being personally attended to.

Next step should, of course, be to solve his issue completely and probably give some reward as compensation. This might help a lot.

To Sum up:

In today’s ecommerce market, the power of user reviews and ratings to influence prospective customers buying decisions can’t be ignored. As an online store owner, instead of fighting the trend you should embrace it. Reviews are quite powerful and they can help to increase your conversion rate.

Hopefully, now you’ve some idea about some effective ways to increase your ecommerce reviews. Remember that customer reviews aren’t simply “nice to have” things anymore. Instead, they’ve become an inherent part of marketing strategies for any successful ecommerce business.

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