How to Make the Most Out of Etsy’s New Listing Update

Etsy announced some photo-intensive updates to the platform today.

Here’s a gist of what it announced and how it will impact your sales (and indirectly, your rankings too!)

  • Number of photos per item = 10
  • Max size/resolution of photos you can upload = 3000px (it was 1500px before)
  • Improved zoom

1. You can now upload up to 10 photos per listing.

The maximum number of photos per listing is now 10. Make the best use of it. Try and upload all 10 photos because pictures are the closest thing buyers get, next to the real product, before deciding to buy.

Q: How to make the most of this update?
A: Typically, 10 photos might be a bit too much. Especially if your product doesn’t have a lot of variations. So, get creative with these photos. Check out our post on spicing up photos. That should give you a few ideas!

2. You can now upload high-res photos (resolutions of up to 3000px)

Photo resolutions go from 1500px max to 3000px. If you’ve been using a DSLR (or a decently modern camera phone) to take product photos, you know that the size is upwards of 2000px. With the update, you can now directly upload the high-res photos.

Protip: You don’t need a high-end, $1000+ DSLR to click great-looking product photos. A simple camera phone is quite enough. Here’s a case-study straight from Etsy.

Q: How to make the most of this update?
A: Upload the best possible resolution you’ve got. Don’t worry about file size. Modern devices (tablets and smartphones) have super-sharp retina-displays. Low-res photos look bad on them. High-res photos will look sharper and clearer.

3. Improved zoom feature… naturally

And finally, it looks like Etsy has also updated the zoom feature on listings. This is in line with the high-res update because with high-res photos, the zoom window needs to be bigger and better.

So can these updates impact your ranking or sales?

Not directly. But indirectly, yes.

Buyers tend to spend more time on products with more photos. After all, think about how you purchase things online… more photos, you spend more time looking at them and analyzing the products through them.

When buyers spend more time on a listing, Etsy’s algorithms tend to think that this item might be valuable. So, it ranks such listings higher and higher.

So, shops with more photos, better photos will have an advantage over the ones that don’t.

You can read Etsy’s announcement in full (in case you missed it) here.

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