How to Triple Your Traffic and Sales Using

As a free, do-it-yourself marketing tool specialized in taking advantage of social media, you have access to a fast, easy way to build an audience around your products in a short amount of time. With social media basically requiring you to be active all day every day, it can be almost impossible for new companies to implement a marketing strategy that engages their customer base. Don’t ignore such a crucial aspect to your business. Let show you the growth that solid marketing brings.


Nike is well known for always posting pictures of their products. From new shoes to picture grids revolving around a single topic, like summer, their eye catching images are what captivate audiences. Always professionally done and aesthetically enticing, the picture draws in more attention than the text. Because allows you to import all of your product photos, choosing the best image to draw the most attention is a breeze.

Picture courtesy of Nike

Picture courtesy of Nike

RSS Feed

Known as Rich Site Summary, RSS feeds are there to let you, the seller, create data that is available across multiple platforms. On the buyer side, it means info they can subscribe to for regular updates on their favorite brands. Within the platform, you can subscribe to these feeds as a way to monitor competition, aggregate blog ideas or otherwise monitor how many time your brand is mentioned. For instance, if you sell workout clothing, following brands like Lululemon, Under Armour and Nike will help you plan your next marketing move based on their current trends.

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Content Finding Engine

When your brand goes live on the internet, search engine optimization is crucial. It’s how the internet finds you when keywords relating to your product are searched. Just imagine how detrimental it would be to Starbucks if they didn’t appear on the first page of search results for “coffee”. The same principle applies to your social media sites. understands this crucial component, supplying you with customizable hashtags that can be saved for your use, driving sales and traffic.