IFTTT Recipes Will No Longer Support Etsy Shops – But Here’s a Workaround

If you’ve been using IFTTT recipes to auto-post your new Etsy listings to social media, there’s some bad news.

IFTTT is going to stop supporting Etsy-related recipes from March 23 (it’s also stopping several other platforms and Etsy just turned out to be one of them).

But there’s a workaround that will make sure you can continue to use IFTTT to promote your new Etsy products automatically on social media.

For those of you who do not know what IFTTT is, a small primer here:

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It’s a service which lets you automate certain tasks. Like, emailing you whenever a shop has a new item. Or uploading a link to Google spreadsheet whenever a blog has a new post. Or, as is relevant to us, promoting an Etsy listing on social media whenever you list a product in your shop.

Apparently, quite a lot of Etsy sellers have been using IFTTT for social media marketing. So for those of you who are using this, here’s the workaround.

Credit where it is due: we stumbled on this solution on Etsy forums. Nikki Slipp and azbegs1 wrote about this on one of the discussion thread.

Typically, you will use IFTTT’s Etsy recipe for the “This” part.

Now that IFTTT is removing Etsy off the list (by March 23), you won’t be able to use the Etsy recipe.

Instead, you will have to use the “Feed” recipe.

Here’s how:

1. Go to IFTTT and create a new recipe (My Recipes → Create a Recipe).

create ifttt recipe step one

2. Click on “this” and then type RSS in the search box. Then click “Feed”.

choose a this trigger on ifttt - rss

3. Next, click on “New feed item”

choose a trigger step 2

4. Now’s the meaty part. Enter your shop’s link but add a “/rss” at the end of it.

create a trigger step 3

For instance, if your shop’s name is “oliki”, you should type “etsy.com/shop/oliki/rss”.

Notice that it’s basically your shop’s link with a “/rss” at the end of it.

Once entered, click “Create Trigger”

5. Now, click on “that” and then type “Twitter” in the search box. (You can also pick Facebook or Pinterest.. whichever channel you want to create a recipe for). Then, click on “Twitter”.

choose an action step 1

6. Click on “Post a tweet with image”

choose an action step 2

7. Edit the tweet that will be sent out every time you upload a new product on Etsy and list it. You can modify the ingredients (EtsyTitle, EtsyUrl, EtsyContent etc.). Then, click “Create Action”

create an action step 3

8. That’s it! Verify the recipe to make sure everything’s right and then click on “Create Recipe” and you’re done!

create an action step 4

After this, every time you upload a new product, your Etsy shop RSS feed gets updated.

And when that happens, IFTTT recipe fires and your product is shared on social media automatically!

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How can Around.io help here?

IFTTT is a great way to post your new listings on social media but if you are looking to grow traffic to your shop much more than short bursts, you need to promote your products far more frequently (besides sharing engaging content and engaging with your fans). Pretty much what Around.io users do every day. ;)

In Around.io, whenever you list a new product on your Etsy shop, that listing shows up on the “My Products” tab.

posting from my products

Once you click “Share”, you can instantly share the new product to all four social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr) at once. What’s more: you can also schedule the same product to be shared on social media later in the day (or any time).

Undeniably, this is not an automation like IFTTT but this gives you much more control for just a couple more minutes of work: you can craft a specific message every time, add relevant hashtags, pick a better image than the one that gets picked by default and much more.

You can try Around.io’s My Products feature by signing up for a free trial. Click here to do that.

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