6 Steps to Market your e-Commerce Store on Instagram 2017

Market e-Commerce Store Instagram 2017

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Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms of the age. With over 400million active users and more than 90% of them being under 35, it is the most sought after social media platform by the young generation. The fundamental reason for the success of the Instagram platform is its visual nature. Photos are the essence of Instagram.

Right from the time of its launch, Instagram has been the favorite social media platform for e-commerce sellers. The visual nature of Instagram makes it an ideal platform for sharing products and related information. Many e-commerce sellers have used Instagram to create brand awareness, market products and boost their sales.

About three months ago we decided to experiment with our Instagram profile @around_io. We started with approximately 30o followers. Our goal was to organically increase our following by providing consistent value to our present and potential customers. Simple and consistent effort has helped us substantially increase our Instagram followers (820 at the time of this writing)  and create a real relationship with the Instagram community. We have learnt quite a few things through these months. Today I want to share our learnings with you to help you grow your Instagram presence.

Here are 6 actionable steps to market your e-Commerce Store on Instagram 2017

Instagram does not allow you to use hyperlinks anywhere on your profile except for the bio(It is now also available in Instagram stories for verified users). It is a very precious resource that you need to use judiciously. Make sure you share the link that you would like to get the most traffic on. One of the main motivational factors for people to click the link in bio is the description that you add along with the link. Be creative. Use an intriguing text that encourages your followers to click the link.

Optimize your bio

2. Use Instagram to sell your products

As an e-commerce seller, your ultimate aim is to sell your products. Instagram is yet to include a feature to allow you to sell your products directly. There are several tools such as soldsie and have2have.it to create easy ways to sell products.Some of these tools allow you to initiate sales through your comments and other tools help you create a custom photo gallery that allows your followers to shop products directly. These kinds of tools help you convert your Instagram followers directly into customers.

Instagram Shoutouts

3. Run interesting contests

Every brand wants people to interact with their content on Instagram. One way to encourage the followers to interact is to incentivize the process. A simple and a very effective process to incentivize the process of engagement is the Instagram contest.

Unfortunately like all great inbound marketing techniques, the Instagram contest has also been overused. Yet Instagram users are still interested in contests provided if you can make it interesting for them. Here are some simple ways to make your Instagram Contests interesting. 

  • Don’t make the completely about your brand
  • Creatively induce trending topics into your contest
  • Offer an exciting reward 
  • Use simple entry criteria
  • Cross promote entries across all social media platforms.

Instagram Contest

@dunkindonuts conducted a Instagram Contest with the hashtag #dressedd

4. Share user generated content

According to a study, 74% of people turn to social networks for guidance on purchase decisions. Thus this generation more than ever depends upon the recommendations of friends and influencers to make purchase decisions. Isn’t it true that we would rather buy a product that we see our friend using than a heavily advertised product?

One of the main reason for Instagram to be a very pivotal playing field for brands is the presence of huge amount of user-generated content(UGC). Encourage users to share pictures of them using your product. You should promote these images vigorously using use your social media profiles. This creates a win-win situation where you please your existing customers by sharing their content and also let a lot of people see your products in use. User generated content is said to possess 4 times more click through rate and 50% reduction in advertisement cost.

User Generate Content for Instagram MarketingUser generated contest campaign run by @starbucks on Instagram is a classic example of the power of UGC

5. Interact

Instagram is a social media platform and the first rule fo every social media platform is being social. Make sure you interact with your followers. Be sure to promptly reply to comments and tags. Moreover, you can also spend sometimes every time to like the images and provide your honest comments. Be genuine and on a long run it will pay off.

Unlike other social media platforms Instagram does not allow you to share other people’s content. This fundamental limitation led to an interesting practice among Instagram community called the Instagram Shoutouts.

Instagram Shoutouts is the practice of sharing the screenshot of another user’s profile with your audience to get some exposure to them

Instagram Shoutouts are two types

  • Paid – A number of Instagram accounts with a large follower base provide Shoutouts for a cost. These Shoutouts can be effective if done properly
  •  Organic – A number of Instagram accounts similar to yours in terms of nature and size will be interested in exchanging Shoutouts. This practice is quite prevalent on Instagram and can prove to be really effective.

Whether you want to try for free Shoutouts or paid ones finding the right accounts can prove to be a daunting task. Here is a list of 50 Instagram Accounts to give you a Shoutout for almost no cost.

6. Post consistently

Building your social media presence is almost like going to the gym, only consistent long-term efforts can bring you the results that you want. Determine your posting frequency. This frequency can be anything from posting once every two days to posting 5 times a day. Find out what works for you and stick to it. There are several tools that allow you to schedule your posts on social media. These tools allow you to make maintain your posting schedule and never miss your consistency.

Instagram does not allow third party apps to post on your behalf without some intervention from you. Thus scheduling apps have created a workaround for this problem by creating a system where you can schedule the post and at the time of posting the apps will send you a reminder, all of you have to do is click publish.


With 400 million active users Instagram is one of the most sought after social media platforms of this time. All brands big and small are competing for a place in the Insta world. If you are just starting out on your Instagram journey this is the best time for you to take the game to an all new level. These five steps followed religiously can definitely help you gain more followers and reach out to your audience and in turn increase your sales.

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