Instagram Shoutouts: 50 IG Accounts to Shoutout your Store for almost No Cost

Finding effective Shoutouts on Instagram is a task that is getting more and more difficult by the day for all e-commerce sellers. To all the seasoned e-commerce sellers looking for a free Instagram Shoutouts: Here is a list of 50 Instagram accounts where you can get a Shoutout for almost nothing. To all the newbies wondering what a Shoutout is: Read on.

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The moment you see something  that you like on your Facebook wall, you share it. The moment you see a funny/informative or cool tweet, you retweet it. What do you do when you see  an impressive photo on Instagram? Instagram does not allow you to share the photo to your followers. This inbuilt inability lead to the evolution of the tradition of  ‘Shoutouts’.

What is an Instagram Shoutout?

Google tells me:

“An Instagram Shoutout is a screenshot of another user’s profile page uploaded to your account to show support and give exposure to the other user”.

To understand it in simple terms,a shoutout is the Instagram version of a share/re-tweet.

For example,


Why should you be interested in Shoutouts?

Every brand on Instagram should be interested in Shoutouts for two reasons

  1. It provides a great way to increase your followers on Instagram
  2. It helps in increasing the engagement (hearts and comments) on your Instagram posts
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Tip: Engagement is increasingly becoming the most important parameter to analyze the performance on all social media platforms. Even though you have thousands of followers/friends on your accounts if the engagement is low, the algorithm is going to keep your posts away from the social media feeds.

Who can give Shoutouts?

Every Instagram user(Instagrammer) can give Shoutouts. The Shoutouts created by you will be displayed in the feeds of all your followers. The effectiveness of the Shoutouts is directly proportional to the total number of the followers. Thus when an account with a large number of followers gives a Shoutout,the total response to the Shoutout is exponentially greater.

Where can you get Shoutouts?

Finding Instagram accounts to give you effective Shoutouts is a tough task. There are two categories of shoutouts. Let us see what they are:

  • Free Shoutouts
  • Paid Shoutouts

Free Shoutouts:

Instagram accounts that are similar to yours in terms of the number of followers and engagement are a great place to exchange Shoutouts. The ideal situation is where you find accounts that are similar to your account and mutually exchange a Shoutout for promoting each other.

Steps to get Free Shoutouts:

  1. Find accounts that share the same type of content as you do.
  2. Find accounts that have the same level of followers as you do.
  3. Approach the accounts and ask for S4S (Shoutout for Shoutout).

Tip: When you are approaching some user for a S4S, make sure you explain to them how this is a mutually beneficial proposal. The chances of collaboration are considerably higher this way.

Do’s & Don’ts of free Shoutouts:


Make sure you give Shoutouts only to accounts that your followers would be interested in. You wouldn’t appreciate if your favorite fitness tips account gives a Shoutout to burger chain, would you?

Approach other accounts through an email or a direct message on Instagram.


Do not comment on pictures asking for S4S.

Do not approach accounts which are much larger than yours for free Shoutouts.


Consider Shoutouts as a genuine way to build relationships, not as a simple marketing tool. This approach leads to a lot of long-term benefits.

Here are 50 Instagram Accounts to give you a shoutout for almost nothing

Paid Shoutouts:

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A number of social media influencers with a large number of Instagram  followers provide Shoutouts as  a service for a fixed price. Depending upon the size of the following,the cost of the Shoutout might vary. If you are willing to shell out some dollars to promote your Instagram Account, paid Shoutouts are definitely an effective way.

Tips for Paid Shoutouts:

Here are some tips to follow to make your Shoutouts effective:

Only go for paid Shoutouts with accounts that generate relevant content to your account. This will ensure that the followers of the influencers are actually interested in your account.

For example here is an IG account that has only followers who are interested in Etsy products and gives Shoutouts exclusively to Etsy sellers:


Make sure that the age and geographic demographics of the influencers match with the content that you are promoting. For example, an influencer with predominantly middle-aged followers might not be useful to a fashion accessories seller.

Be very clear on the pic that is going to be displayed for the Shoutout and the date,time at which your Shoutout will be displayed.

Most of the Shoutouts are only posted for a limited period of time. Make sure that your Shoutout is displayed for the promised amount of time.

Whenever you get a Shoutout whether it is free/paid, you should share a picture that informs all your users about your Shoutout. A sample picture is shown below:


Giving Shoutouts:

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Marketing on Instagram 101:

The first rule of marketing on Instagram or any other social media platform is building relationships. Giving Shoutouts is a great way of building long lasting relationships. Whenever you come across an interesting feed that you believe would truly bring value to your followers then you can approach them and enquire if they would be interested in getting featured on your account.

Whenever any Instagram user shows interest in getting featured in your account, always provide them a picture as shown below to inform their followers about the feature.


As you know, bio is the only place where Instagram allows you to add a clickable link. If you are serious about getting feature request, adding a typeform(click here to know more about typeforms) to your bio is a great way to collect feature requests.

This is been effectively used by some Instagram accounts such as @handmade_revolution.

adding message to bio


Shoutouts are a great way to grow your Instagram account both in terms of followers as well as engagement. Approaching Shoutouts as a relationship building exercise rather than a marketing activity is the key to successful Shoutouts. Go out there give and receive Shoutouts to make your way to millions of Instagram followers.

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