Here’s How to Install Google Analytics to Your Etsy Shop / Shopify Store

First off, kudos! Deciding to install Google Analytics to your Etsy / Shopify store is one of the best decisions you could ever make.


Because Google Analytics is a powerhouse when you want to know things like:

  • who visited your website
  • where did they come from
  • which of your products gets a lot of traffic
  • how many visitors become customers
  • what their demographics are and a gazillion other information
  • who is referring you the most
  • which social media platform gets you a lot of traffic
  • how many of your products get found in Google search
  • and more

Google Analytics gives you way more data about your site’s visitors than your Etsy shop or Shopify store can give.

In fact, Google Analytics is so good that even Etsy or Shopify recommend it despite having their own built-in analytics system. It’s that good.

Setting up Google Analytics for your Etsy shop / Shopify store is super-easy. And the best part is Google Analytics is free (no strings attached).

Here’s how to install Google Analytics on your shop:

Install Google Analytics in your Etsy shop:

1. Signup for Google Analytics – it’s free

1 signup for google analytics

2. Create a new tracking account (add shop URL etc.)

2 signup for google analytics - enter details

3. Copy the Tracking ID (it’s also called “web property ID”)

3 google analytics copy the tracking code

4. Go to Shop settings -> Options in your Etsy admin panel

4 etsy shop options

5. Go to Web Analytics

5 click website analytics

6. Paste the Tracking ID / web property ID

6 etsy paste UA code

7. Voila! You just added Google Analytics to your Etsy shop. (scroll down to find out how to verify if Google Analytics is tracking your shop traffic now)

Install Google Analytics in your Shopify store:

1. and 2. same as above.

3. Copy the code inside the box.

3 google analytics code (shopify)

4. Go to Settings in your Shopify dashboard

7 shopify shop home

5. Click on Online Store.

8 shopify settings online store

6. Paste the copied tracking code into the text box and Save.

9 paste ua code in shopify store settings

7. Done! Check your Google Analytics dashboard and you should see traffic data coming in from your store.

Making sure the tracking ID is installed correctly:

1. Login to your Google Analytics account

2. Go to Real-time reporting

check analytics working

Now, open your shop in a new tab.

In Real-time reporting, you will see 1 new visitor. This means your tracking code is installed correctly!

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