Why join an Etsy Team

Why Join an Etsy Team?

In Etsy’s words: “Meet people with common interests and collaborate”

When you join an Etsy team, you get a glimpse of one of the many things that really helps set Etsy apart from other online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon is the sense of community it encourages between its members. Being a part of a team on Etsy helps you be a part of an active community. It allows peer support, helpful discussion, tips, and allows you to meet and communicate with likeminded individuals.

As of the writing of this article there are almost 10,000+ different teams you have to choose from.

Each of these teams has different purpose, a different motif. While some benefits of being part of a team are pretty much the same across the board, each of them has their own benefits that are unique to being a part of that specific group. These different types of teams can pretty much be categorized in a few general areas.

The Theme Team

This type of Etsy team can really help boost sales. Customers have the option to search for items by the team. So, if the items you sell on Etsy fall under a specific genre and you join a team that all falls under that same genre, being a part of that team can lead to extra sales by way of association. At the same time, it provides ample opportunity to work on collaborations with other Etsy sellers—allowing you to work with others to create pieces none of you would be able to create on your own.

The Marketing Team

Most people on Etsy don’t have an expensive marketing team behind them. In fact, they handle all of their marketing on their own. This includes everything from branding an Etsy store to designing business cards and flyers for local shows, social media marketing, keyword research, and more. There are a number of teams on Etsy dedicated to sellers helping sellers with tips and tricks they use to capture their audience. Yes, you may end up working with and sharing secrets with your competitors, but it does speak to the sense of community Etsy is known for and help build an overall strong marketplace, which is good for everyone.

The Networking Team

Etsy also has a number of teams dedicated to making connections within the community and the industry. This can be anything from locating the best deals on wholesale crafting supplies to making connections with businesses that may buy your items wholesales or on consignment to sell locally. Knowing your Etsy selling goals will help you determine if one of these groups is right for you.

The Etsy Help Team

This type of team comes in two different kinds. One of them is a group that offers help from your peers in regards to using and mastering Etsy. The other type of Etsy help team dedicates itself to one specific facet of the marketplace, anything from making the most of treasuries to making a better Etsy shop banner. Mostly, it is a forum for questions and answers, tips, and tricks.

Overall, joining an Etsy team can help you (key takeaways)
• Get help answering questions about using Etsy
• Create new items through collaboration with other creators
• Get advice on marketing your Etsy shop