Today we are announcing a revamped, with a completely new design.

The same that you have always loved with all the great features in a new design. We have rearranged the stack to make it easier for you to schedule and post on all the social media platforms.  We put together a list of all the queries that you might have while navigating the new design.

Where are the day and week planners?

We have combined both the day and week planner into a single page called “Planners”.


If you hover your cursor over the menu bar on your left, you will notice that it displays  “Planners”. Click on it to open the Planners page.


Separate buttons have been created for each social media platform. Click on the respective icon to create a plan.

Where do I see my scheduled posts?

You can see your scheduled posts in the Posts page. The small briefcase icon on the left menu bar is the Posts icon.


On the top of the Posts page, you will see three links – “POST LIBRARY”, “SCHEDULED”, “HISTORY”. Click on “SCHEDULED” to see the list of posts you have already scheduled to go out on all the social media platforms.


Where are the Content, GIF and RSS pages?

You’ll find Content, GIF and RSS in the Content page.

Click on the Content icon (the magnifier):


On the top of this page, you’ll see three links: Content, GIF and RSS. Click on them to find content, GIFs or manage/read your RSS feeds.


Where do I find the Collage maker?

You will find the Collage maker in the new Images page.


Hover over the camera icon in the menu bar on your left. You will notice “Image”  being displayed. Click on the image to open the collage maker.

Where is the Settings page?

The settings page has been split into two:

  • Store Settings – the cog icon in the menu
  • Account Settings – the user/person icon in the menu


Store Settings is where you can connect your social accounts, set hashtags, and change timezone.

Account Settings is where you can upgrade, change your password, pause your account and view your billing details.

Where is the hashtags page? (How do I add hashtags?)

Open the Store Settings page by clicking on the Store Settings icon:


Next, click on “Store Settings” to the right of your shop’s name:


Up next, click on the “Set hashtags” button and you can add hashtags.


In the new you can set up to 30 hashtags (in the old one, you could only set 10 hashtags).

How to change my password?

Open the Account Settings page by clicking on the Account Settings icon.


Click on Change my password button.


Please feel free to email us ( if you have any questions related to the new app. We will be more than happy to help you make the best out of the new update.