6 Tools To Create Totally Pin-worthy Pinterest Images from Your Product Photos

My friend – let’s call her Jess – runs an online shop and promotes it on social media – Pinterest, specifically.

Despite reading on a bunch of blogs that only tall, pin-worthy images count on Pinterest (when it comes to getting traffic and sales), Jess doesn’t pin images that are specifically crafted for Pinterest.

Two reasons: she doesn’t have time to create Pin-worthy images from her product photos and she is not design-savvy to use Photoshop to do it.

If you’re like Jess, you should stop sharing any photo on Pinterest till they are crafted to be Pin-worthy. If not, you’re wasting time (because studies tell us that only specific types of photos work on Pinterest).

Curalate recently released data that showed that images between 2:3 and 4:5 aspect ratio get 60% more Repins than very tall images. This means you can get good results with shorter images. Just don’t go square. – Donna

In the case of Jess, it really comes down to not having the right tool and not having time. So we decided to find out if there is any tool that can make creating Pin-worthy images easy.

Turns out there are lots of them.

We tested them all and zeroed in on six really amazing tools that you can use to create beautiful Pinterest images in no time. All on-the-fly.

Here they are:

(all example photos are taken from CrochetKidsStyle and are for demo purposes only. Check out their wonderful Etsy shop here)

1. Canva (Free)

Canva - free to use and create Pinterest graphics

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I’ll give you two reasons why Canva is great (and you won’t want any other): 1) it’s free and 2) it’s feature-rich with fonts, layouts, graphics etc.

The good thing about Canva is you don’t have to worry about the image size.

Just pick “Pinterest Graphic” and you’ll be presented with a ton of layouts to pick from.

canva pinterest graphic

What’s even better is you can create collages of your products using the existing layouts.

Try Canva

2. PicMonkey (free to try, $4.99/mo)


PicMonkey is Etsy sellers’ favorite piece of photo editor.

PicMonkey has a ton of editing and creative options but since we’re talking about Pinterest images, here’s what you can do.

a) Create a “Design” and pick “Custom”. Then, enter 735 and 1102 (Pinterest-ready) in the custom size boxes.

picmonkey design


b) Click on “Collage” and pick photos from your computer (or other sources). This will create a collage template where you can add your photos.

picmonkey collage

You can also change the layout of the collage. (And you should also change the size of the layout to 735x1102px so it stands out well on Pinterest).

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PicMonkey then lets you save the design to your computer. You can then use it for pinning.

Some bloggers like to just pin traditional vertical images … Some like to create small or long collages. Some like to pin long infographics. The options are basically limitless. – Ali

Try PicMonkey

3. piZap (free)


Not very popular (relatively speaking) but piZap is a great tool to create images.

What I like about piZap is it’s quick. This tool doesn’t have a lot of features to try out but for what it’s worth, it does a very good job.

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While you can create a lot of things or edit photos (or design new things), if you want to create Pin-worthy images, pick the “Collage” option.

pizap collage select

You can then add photos to the collage by clicking on the tiles in the collage. You can also edit the look of the collage (borders, backgrounds, spacing, rounded corners etc.). piZap is pretty neat with the features.

pizap collage options

Once you’re done, just save the image to your computer and use it on Pinterest.

Try piZap

4. Pin-Collage / PinCo (free to try)

pinco plugin

PinCo is more of a “Chrome plugin” than an app. You can’t use this if you’re not using Chrome as your web browser.

What PinCo does is interesting though: it picks up all the images from any website that you pick, and then lets you create a collage out of them.

So how is it useful?

Simple: go to a product page (like your Etsy listing or Shopify product page) and click on PinCo (it gets added to your toolbar once you install the plugin).

You’ll notice that a new collage has been created from all the images on that page. Simply pick the product photos that you want to include in the new collage, change the shape/size of the collage and you’re done!

You’ll have to upgrade / buy the pro version in order to save the image without the PinCo logo.

The one big downside with PinCo is that the collages aren’t really tall. But the good thing is you can crop the ensuing collage to create tall images that are pin-worthy. Like so:

Photos are more pinnable than graphics. – Sarah

Try PinCo

5. PhotoCollage (free)


PhotoCollage comes with a few “templates” that can arrange your product photos into a neat, jazzy collage. All it takes is a few clicks.

The thing to like about PhotoCollage is that you have a bunch of templates for every layout size you pick (except, of course, the Custom).

The templates make it easy to arrange and order the photos you put in the collage in a variety of ways.

Try PhotoCollage

6. Fotojet (free)


Fotojet is very similar to Canva. Especially the Pinterest graphic part of it.

With Fotojet, you can create pin-worthy graphics from your product photos – and add text to it. Not just that but you can also edit the text (font, color, style etc.) to create really beautiful Pinterest images.

.@fotojetapp is a pretty good alternative to @Canva in some aspects. Click To Tweet

On Fotojet, you can pick a classic collage or a creative collage. Both of these have options where you can pick how many tiles you want on the collage. From here, it’s your creativity.

Try Fotojet

So, there you have it.

Now it’s time for you to try them all and pick your favorites.

Do you use a tool that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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