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Blog post update: (Jan 27, 2104)

I wrote this blog a while ago but somehow wasn’t able to do justice wit it :)

So, I went back on how Gary Vaynerchuk said the exact same thing (which is much better). He is a storyteller and a damm good one, which is why I decided to post it here:



Old Post:

I have known this “trick” for quite some time, but never knew or thought that a lot of people who are active on twitter are not aware of this. In fact, I will not even call it a trick, it is more like pro twitter knowledge or pro twitter tip.

Tweet This

Why am I writing this now:

Lately, some big names wrote about this “trick”, big names like Hubspot and Gary Vaynerchuk. I admire and follow both of these to my core and (try to) read and follow every word they say (FYI: both of these have awesome blogs, and I would strongly recommend following them on each and every social media) . So I thought to write and inform about this to great peeps who are with me and with http://around.io.

The “Trick” or Pro Twitter Tip

The “trick” is simple. It’s about knowing who is going to see your reply to a tweet in their twitter timeline. I am only going to talk to about scenario when you want everyone to see your reply to a tweet.

“When you are replying to a tweet, make sure to add a dot or something in the beginning of the reply”   Tweet this

This way all your followers see this in their timeline.

What happens when you don’t do this:

The reply tweet is only shown to the account your replied to and common followers of both you and account to replied to.

That’s it, its that simple. Most of us small businesses want our conversations to show up in all the possible timelines, this not only promotes our name, but also informs our followers that we interact and reply.

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