Shipping Costs for Etsy Sellers

Shipping Costs for Etsy Sellers 

One of the most difficult things to master as a knew Etsy shop owner is setting shipping costs. In the year that I have been running my shop, Galleria Danielle, I have mainly learned from experience. Admittedly, I have made my share of mistakes and sometimes learned the hard way.

When I first started out, I wanted to make my potential customers happy. As a consumer myself, I know how frustrating shipping costs can be.

Shipping is expensive. Of course things vary from nation to nation. The examples provided in this post are based on my experience shipping in the United States.

You want the shipping cost to be proportionate to the price of the item. For example, nobody wants to pay $9.95 for a set of greeting cards that costs $12.95. The problem with this is that the greeting cards cost at least $9.95 to ship, depending on how you package them and how far they are traveling. A large painting may sell for $100=150. But shipping costs could easily run $20-40.

You need to earn a profit on your sales. So what do you do? The first step is to do your research so that you never get surprised by shipping charges. Check the Post Office, FedEx, and UPS. See what their shipping charges are for the size package that you need to mail and what it costs to ship to different parts of the country.

Secondly, learn that the cost of shipping your item and the item’s worth are proportionate. For example, I recently shipped a large painting. I charged $100 for the item and $20 for shipping. I found out that since the Post Office considered it to be an oversize package, it would be very pricey to ship. Fortunately it wasn’t going very far, so the $20 covered it. If it were going farther, I could have paid $30-40 for shipping. I realized that in an effort to set prices in a range that I consider “customer friendly”, I am selling myself short.