Top 10 must have Shopify apps to market your store – 2016 (Updated in 2017)

In a recent article I listed 13 essential Shopify apps which you must try for your store. In this article I have come up with a list of 10 Shopify apps which does wonder to promote your store!

Let’s find out how these 10 must-have Shopify apps works to boost up your store marketing.



You know SEO is an important factor for a digital marketing strategy for any online business including your Shopify Store. Good search engine ranking is hard to achieve but once you do, it is a sustainable source of traffic.

Though the ranking depends upon lots of onsite and offsite variables, your first step should be optimizing your own site in the best possible way. Then you can try other off-site methods.

1) SEO Meta Manager

SEO Metamanager top Shopify app

Well crafted title and meta descriptions are two very important factors for on-page SEO. An easy way, to find out what Title and Meta Description your pages have, is to use free tools like .

Most Shopify themes by default use  existing product titles and product descriptions for Title and Meta description. This is far from optimal and may even hurt your search engine ranking.

SEO Meta Manager app comes to your rescue here. It provides options to add Title, Keywords and Meta descriptions manually to your Shopify store’s pages, products, and collections, without any coding change. This gives you the power to control how Search Engine represents your website’s pages in search results.

Pricing: This app comes with a single plan of $20/Month with 7-day free trial.

2) ALT Text


Search Engines can read and understand text content but it is blind for images. Suppose you are selling a beautiful round neck, red T-shirt in your Shopify store. When a person sees an image of the T-Shirt he instantly understands that the product is a Red, round neck T-Shirt, even if he has not read the product description.But for search engines to understand the content of the image, you need to have a special attribute called Alt Text (Alternative Text) associated with the image. It is actually a small piece of text which should provide useful and contextual information about the image.

With this must have Shopify app, you don’t have to worry about writing the alternative texts manually for all images. It dynamically generates alt texts from product information like product Name, product Category, store name etc as you set it up. The best thing is you have to set it up once and it will syncs with new products automatically. This will improve search engine visibility of your product images drastically.

Pricing: This Shopify app is free!

3) Judge.Me

There is no doubt that positive reviews help a lot to increase conversion rate (visitor to customer ratio).From a recent report, we see that more than 70% of online buyers depends upon reviews to make a final purchase decision.

Here’s  a great article on the Shopify blog: Why Online Store Owners Should Embrace Online Reviews  

With Judge.Me you can have a very handy review system for your Shopify store.This HTML based Rich Snippets enabled review widget not only helps you to increase conversion rate but also helps you in SEO, unlike other javascript based review widgets.  

This Shopify app also has the solution for collecting reviews.Besides curating reviews from Shopify admin, It sends  automated review request email to the buyer after each order fulfillment.

To summarize, it’s a complete solution for your Shopify store review system.

Pricing: It has a free as well as $15/Month plan.

Content Marketing

Now when we are talking a lot about SEO for your Shopify Store, we have to be sure of unique, fresh and relevant content like product description for your store. Search engines like Google love websites that frequently update with unique, fresh and relevant contents.

Another important factor in SEO is having a regularly updated blog with your store website. Again  just having a blog will not benefit you until you publish unique and relevant content regularly which may attract your customers by providing some value.

4) Crowd Content


Crowd Content is a great tool to get unique contents for your store or blog. We are calling it a tool but actually a team of writers behind the tool do the job of writing. You just need to connect your store with the app so you can select the products from your store and request for freshly written product description. Once the writers are done you can update it on your store with one click.

You can also schedule posts for your blog and the writers from crowd content will write it for you.

Pricing: They have custom pricing for different type and quality of content.

Email Marketing

Let me give you two interesting statistics.

i) Amongst the different digital marketing channels that marketers invested into, in the year 2014, the Website itself proved to be the most effective of all (81%), followed by Email (71%), SEO (54%) and Social (41%)  Source: Regalix 2015

ii) For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25.  Source: Capterra, 2014.

If you are wondering how to boost your traffic and sales through email marketing, check out this post in Shopify blog on ecommerce email marketing to get started with your email marketing plan.

5)  eCommerce Email Marketing by Soundest


If you are a small-medium size store owner and looking for an easy to use but efficient email marketing solution then this is the perfect Shopify app for you.

With this one app, you can create opt-in pop-ups to collect email ids, send heart warming welcome emails to newly signed up users, send email campaigns by selecting products directly from your store.

This app also sends automatic emails for abandoned cart instances to win back customers for you. It has also many other interesting features to suit your need.

Pricing: This Shopify app has a free forever plan along with a pay per usage plan with more features and flexibility.

6) Privy – Free email popups


Bringing visitors to your online store is difficult but losing them without converting into customers or a lead is painful.

This popular Shopify app helps you to maximize lead collection with various lead collection tools including exit-intent driven, customizable, mobile-friendly pop-up, banners, landing page or website widget. It also provides end-to-end real-time analytics to track conversions through its various lead collection methods.

If you are using any of the popular email marketing softwares like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, Mad Mimi, Emma, etc., you don’t have to worry at all. You can connect Privy with most of these leading email marketing softwares.

Pricing: You can start with a free plan. More features and flexibility come with paid plans starting from $24/month.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Hope I don’t need to explain to you the importance of social media for your store’s marketing. As an e-commerce business owner, you should already know how social media can help you to engage with people and promote your business.

But most of the people miss the two most important factors for success in social media: Being consistent and Being Vibrant

Let’s find out how these following apps can help you achieve that.



This Shopify app helps you to overcome two biggest challenges i.e being consistent and finding engaging content while promoting your store in social media. By connecting your Shopify store you will get all your product details inside the tool. You can post or schedule your products to all your connected social media accounts at a time.

The best thing is you can plan posts for a whole day or even for a whole week with Day Planner and Week planner feature with just a few clicks to save a lot of time.

Finding right content to share on your social media is always a cumbersome job. The Content Search option enables you to find popular contents on any topic to share or schedule right within the tool.

You will also find funny GIFs in GIF search options. You know GIFs work great in social media.

Pricing: $9.99/Month to $19.99/Month. All plan comes with 7-day risk-free trial.

Checkout Boost:

checkout boost shopify app by beeketing

Do you know that 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchases? More and more people are shopping on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest – where they often seek for friends’ advice before purchase as well. This is why you can’t miss this Shopify app!

With Checkout boost,  you can  design beautiful pop-up window with customize gifts or discounts which you like to offer to your customers if they share the products from their cart. As soon as a visitor adds a product in her cart the pop-up will appear with your offer which they can avail in exchange for just a social share!

It will not only boost social traffic to your store but also with free gifts or discounts it will encourage your visitors to complete the purchase.

Pricing:  This app costs $20-$29/month with 15 days free trial.

8) Happy Ending:


How do you thank your customers when they are most delighted just after making a purchase in your online store? You can say a lot more than just a Thank you!

With this Shopify app, you can take customer satisfaction to another level by sending a personalized order confirmation mail with a friendly message or a video. You can even customize your default “Thank You” page by integrating with your social media profiles or pages. It helps to turn your customers into social followers for future engagement!

Pricing: $5.99/Month

Affiliate/referral marketing

9) Refersion: Affiliate tracking:


If you are looking to explore affiliate marketing opportunities for your store then you should obviously try this Shopify app for an end to end solution.

With this app, you can easily create customized sign-up pages for affiliate marketers or invite your own customers to the program. This is a great way to capitalizing your loyal customer base.

You can set up different triggers like unique coupon codes to give maximum flexibility to the affiliate marketers. You, as well as your affiliate partners, can track all the transactions and updates in an own dashboard.


At the end of the day when you have put so much effort in marketing your online store, you should measure the results with proper data. Data separates the reality from expectation.

For a proper marketing strategy, you need to understand more about your customers, their demographics, their behavior on your site, from where are they coming from and why are they leaving without purchasing.

Proper visualization of data will enable you to answer all those questions to optimize your marketing effort profoundly.

10) Compass:


You have various data sources for your shop like Google analytics, Adwords, Paypal, Stripe, Shopify, Facebook, Facebook ads and Amazon. Isn’t it a bit messy to analyze all those data in different place and take a decision based on that?

This must have Shopify app connects all those data sources as you wish, collects data and generate those metrics (e.g. Customer Lifetime Value) which matters most for an e-commerce business. You can even set up automated reports to save a lot of time for regular monitoring.

Price: This super useful Shopify app is absolutely free!

In the end: I will really love to learn about other Shopify apps which you have found really helpful for marketing you store. Please comment below to help others to learn from your experience or ask if you have any query regarding Shopify store marketing.

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