Top 10 things the new Etsy CEO Josh Silverman tells Etsy sellers

Last week, Etsy underwent a major transformation. Their long-time CEO Chad Dickerson was replaced with Josh Silverman. In an attempt to understand and engage with sellers, the new CEO Josh Silverman took to an Etsy forum and answered questions from several Etsy sellers. A dive into this question answer session gave us a clue on the future of the beloved handmade platform.

Here are the top 10 things that we learned from Jon Silverman’s answers

  1. Focus on buyer experience

When a seller raised a question on the “similar items on Etsy” feature that shows similar items from other shops, Josh’s simple answer was “best seller experience starts with the best buyer experience”. A clear indication of the buyer experience focus of the company.

  1. Improving SEO

Search has always been a major pain point on Etsy. To a seller’s question about Etsy SEO, Josh admitted to the fact that search requires a lot of improvement. He also emphasized on the fact that they are taking a lot of effort in this regard. We might get some drastic changes soon.

  1. Focus on bringing in new buyers

Josh Silverman explicitly stated that bringing new buyers to the Etsy platform would be his top-most priority in the forthcoming months. He plans to focus on three key areas; they are:

Customer Acquisition – Actions to drive more traffic to site

Customer Activation – Improved buyer experience to increase conversion

Customer Activity – Actions to improve repeated buying

  1. No separate section for handmade

The new CEO made it quite clear that there will not be a separate section for handmade sellers. He further added that the focus of the company would be to make all sellers including handmade much more successful

  1. Focus on optimizing shipping

Josh acknowledged that one of the persisting seller pain points is “shipping”. He further reassured that this will be one area of improvement in the near future.

  1. Building the Etsy brand

Bringing new customers to the Etsy platform is the top priority for the Etsy management. As a direct implication of this, Josh said that there would be an increased effort in the marketing aspects of Etsy. He also promised to work with his marketing teams and get back with more information in this regard.

  1. More effective support

When a user raised a concern about the support that is provided for sellers, Josh came forward and promised that a discussion will be held on the topic. He also said that a more efficient support system will be established soon.

  1. Better representation of the 45 million Etsy products

One of the biggest focus points for Etsy is search. Josh reiterated the need to better represent the 45 million items that are available on the Etsy platform. He told the Etsy seller community that his team would be focussing on overcoming the technical difficulties and creating an overall search function in order to do justice to the unique Etsy inventory.

  1. Focus on increasing sales for creative Entrepreneurs

A couple of vintage product sellers raised questions about the efforts to encourage vintage products. When tackling these questions, Josh said that vintage products have always been a great asset to the Etsy platform. He further added there will be discussions on highlighting vintage products and new opportunities shall be explored.

  1. Quarterly meetup

At the end of the conversation, Josh Silverman promised to have Q & A sessions like this to interact with sellers on a regular basis. He said that he shall take up questions on forums every quarter to address seller concerns and inform about the latest updates.

A lot of expectation is set on the shoulders of the new administration at Etsy. Sellers are also quite concerned about the various changes that could be made to the platform. These highlighted points can give you an idea about the various changes that you can expect to see soon. Here is the link to the complete conversation:

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