Top 10 Trends of 2016 to Bump Up Your Website Conversions (Infographic)

When it comes to converting website visitors to customers, research by the team at The Deep End Website Consulting finds that consumers respond well to some very specific web design trends.

This infographic will give you ideas about how you can make the most of these findings:

Top 10 trends to ramp up your website's conversions this year.

Top 10 trends to ramp up your website’s conversions this year.

Full width images

Big and bold — even better with happy, smiling people. Full width images definitely attract attention, and that’s the first step toward getting conversions.

Split screen layouts

The split screen home page is like a great billboard at a crossroads, giving your visitors a few easy choices.

A call-to-action that pops

A monochromatic background looks cool — and makes a great stage for your call-to-action (in a contrasting color) to pop out and grab your visitors.

Simple navigation

Research shows that given too many choices, most people will make none! Use prioritized navigation to direct visitors to your testimonials, call-to-action, or other important content.

Compelling lead capture

Is your website generating leads? Offer a newsletter, product information, or something else of value that will get people to share their email address.


Video is big and will only get bigger. And it doesn’t have to be a four-star production to help you engage and build trust with visitors.

Single column CTA

Here’s another winning technique for your call-to-action — if you have multiple columns on your page, put the CTA in a single column, surrounded by white space (and with an attention-grabbing headline).

Personalized user experience

Think when you think of user experience. Every time you visit, you’re served up reminders of what you looked at last. Try to think of ways you can use a similar ploy on your website, because it works!

This infographic was produced by the folks at The Deep End.

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