Top 10 Shopify apps to boost up your sales – 2015

If you are a Shopify store owner or looking forward to setting up your store with Shopify, you will like to know about some of the top Shopify apps which help to boost up sales. But first let us find out why we need these apps?

As an eCommerce business owner, you should be familiar with AAARR model. it is a model put together by Dave McClure (of 500 Startups fame)  based on the assumption that online businesses run through 5 key stages: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue & Referral. Every step is equally important to create a sustainable profit-making business.  

For the first step i.e. Acquisition, we will soon come up with a list of Shopify apps which helps to acquire more visitors through various marketing channels (Read Top 10 Must Have Shopify Apps To Market Your Store -2016). For now we have this list of top Shopify apps of 2015 which actually helps in the remaining 4 stages of  this model for your ecommerce business.

shoppad top shopify app 2015

1) ShopPad  (Activation)

While you have put so much of effort on setting up your Shopify store, you will not like to miss any opportunity to convert your visitors to customers. Nowadays a majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices.Even if your Shopify theme is responsive it may not appear as much appealing as it is needed for a sell. ShopPad app enables you to make most out of this mobile/tab traffic. This app provides a conversion optimized mobile platform which works like a native app for both Android and ios devices but actually works in the browser. So you don’t have to worry about creating different mobile apps or mobile versions for your Shopify store. ShopPad takes care of it all

Pricing: From $10/month to $249/month. ShopPad also offers a Free version.

top shopify apps 2015 for sales

2) WishList + Reminder:  (Activation + Retention)

This Shopify app helps you Capturing customers who are interested in your products but end up leaving your store without ever buying.This app gives those customers an option to keep the products in a wishlist so they can later return and checkout. While creating the wishlist, the customers have to create an account with their email. So you get to know who your prospective customers are. This app also sends a friendly reminder email in intervals to those customers. It has the options for the shop owners to customize the emails. Is not it a good way to have more leads and better engagement for your store?

Pricing: It is pretty cheap. It has one and only plan of $5/Month with 14-day free trial.


3) Sale Rack: (Activation+Revenue)

Have you wondered why it is so hard to resist a sale at your favorite store? It is the human psychology of Anchoring . We make decisions based on the first impression we get. So whenever we see the Sale sign on our favorite shops, we give a thought of buying something even if we don’t need to buy anything at that moment. It works even better for online stores. As a shop owner, you may also like to put on some type of Sale for your store. Sale Rack helps you do exactly that for your Shopify store. With this app, you can schedule starting off a Sale, put selected products on sale (By percentage or by fixed price) and also schedule a revert back to original price. You can also manipulate the ‘Compare at Price’ with this app.

Pricing: From $4.99 to $ 29.99/ Month


4) PRODUCT UPSELL  (Revenue)

This is one of the most reviewed app in Shopify app store. Product Upsell is the first and most successful app by the company named Bold who has been always known for bringing up some of the most popular and efficient Shopify apps.This app works like an online version of a classic brick & mortar marketing technique. When a customer has chosen a product and proceed to check out it offers the customer a related product. For example, it offers a suitable battery with a Digital camera, a shoe polish with a leather shoe, depending upon the settings made by the shop owner. It is a must have app for any consumer product selling Shopify store.

Pricing: $9.99 – $59.99 /month, 30 days free trial.

5) Persistent Cart (Retention)

Shopping cart abandonment is a great challenge for any ecommerce business. Imagine a situation where a customer comes to your site, registers and add some products in the shopping cart but decide to check out later. Now what happens if the customer comes back to complete the transaction and find his shopping cart empty? Here Persistent Cart comes to your rescue. It keeps the product in the shopping cart even if the customer is logged out. It is highly recommended to have this feature in your Shopify store.

Pricing:  $2.99 /month, 30 days free trial.

abandon-aid-top-shopify-apps-20156) Abandon Aid: (Retention+Revenue)

You already know how the Persistent Cart app works to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Now this Shopify app Abandon Aid empowers you to go one step further to retain those customers who had left with products in their shopping carts. Through this app, you can send a personalized email to these customers as a gentle reminder of their shopping cart. You don’t have to do it manually. You just have to customize the mail you wish to send and the time interval after which the reminder will be sent. Abandon Aid takes care of the rest for you.

Pricing: One and only plan $10/month

top shopify apps 2015 Justuno

7) Justuno: (Activation+Retention+Revenue)

You know very well how much effort you have put to acquire visitors for your online store. Now when you are generating some traffic to your store you will like to get most out of it by converting those visitors into leads or customers. Here Justuno comes to your rescue. Through this app you can easily create various types of on-site promotional boxes.You can customize  promotions on the specific page, at the specific time, and to the specific visitor.This tool can be efficiently used for lead generation (through sign up popups), social engagement, customer retention and revenue increase.

Pricing: It has different plans for monthly, quarterly or annual payment. Monthly plan starts from $19.

top shopify apps 2015 tidio chat

8) Tidio Live Chat: (Activation+Retention+Revenue)

As the name suggests, it is a live chat app for your store. Customers always feel good when someone is there to help. This chat app works in all mobile devices and thanks to it’s mobile app versions, you can talk to the customer from your mobile even while traveling. It is also pretty easy to install and simple to use. So if you are looking for better engagement in a convenient way with your customers, this app is a must have for your Shopify store.

limespot top shopify apps 2015

9) LimeSpot: (Revenue)

Lime spot is another Free Shopify app which is very much useful to increase on-site engagement and boost your sales. Powered by big data, linguistic analysis, shopper behavior and machine learning technologies it creates various types of product recommendation to your customers on site. With this app you can place various recommendations like Related Products, Popular Products, Trending Products and Recently viewed products to show up in different pages.  LimeSpot combines various information about customers interests with analysis of browsing/purchase behavior and history, to instantly create highly relevant product recommendations that are most likely to attract customers.

Pricing: It is Free !


10) Sweet Tooth (Referral +Retention)

Customer Loyalty program is a proven method to increase your sales. Sweet Tooth app allows you to create very effective loyalty program for your Shopify store. Whether you wish to reward your customer for Signing up, making a purchase, Referring your site or sharing your content in social Media, Sweet Tooth has it all. You can easily control the point distribution email notifications etc.Through the Sweet Tooth powered Point tab in your website your customers can check their reward point status and redeem as coupon codes.

Pricing:  Starting from $59/ month. It has a Free version too to try with.

Conclusion:  If you have gone through the list you already know how these apps can dramatically change the way your store is running. But only using these Shopify apps may not ensure you the success for your business. You have to be stay updated with your customers expectation and newest conversion techniques to optimize the way you use these apps. We will also like to hear from you about any other apps you have found really useful for your Shopify store.

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