Top 5 Storenvy Themes and Shops

If you are a regular reader here, you might see a lot of blog posts which are written for Etsy community. And I am sure you know a lot of it applies to Storenvy community as well.

But lately, I have been active in Storenvy community and have seen how awesome it is. So I thought to do my bit of giving back to community by writing something.

This is in no specific order, so if you are looking for Storenvy themes, go through all five of them:

1. The Impresse Design Studio:

The designs here to truly impressive and the shop owner does justice to bringing a lot of different kind of themes forward.

My favourite: Kodachrome Theme:

2. Envy Looks:

My favourite: Eagle theme

(I know I wasn’t able to choose just one)

3. Skyla Design:

My favourite: Another beautiful store for themes, my favourite is


4. New Shop Design:

This store sells various marketing materials along with some beautiful themes.

My favourite theme: Dylan Co.

5. Another clean and modern theme I stumbled upon is Lily of the valley from CuteAvenue:

6. Delilah from Themefiend is another great Storenvy theme that you should check out.

What’s great about this theme is that it’s bold with the images (large, edge-to-edge ones). The theme is responsive right off the box so your shop will look great on mobile and tablets too.

Well, there are a lot more awesome Storenvy themes out there, but I will write about them some other time :)

That’s it for now, later ya’all.

Disclaimer: I do not receive anything (money or favour) in return from these shops to feature them.

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