Try Google Image Search With Your Product Image!

We have seen lot of posts from the past two years, all over the Internet about how important it is to include a beautiful high quality image of the product along with a detailed description, or even better, a story to go with it. Frankly, I myself have written about the pics and story-telling in this very blog. But did you know, google image search can be used creatively in the Etsy context too?

I am not going to throw any surprises here, I completely agree with all those posts that stress upon the importance of a good picture. But, where did that good picture come from, and where else has it ended up? The answer to this question is as important as the beautiful picture representing your product out there on Etsy.

google image search result

First Problem: Sometimes, you might find a really good image somewhere on the Internet, which closely resembles your product or the image which acted as a source of inspiration to craft that beautiful thing you sell on Etsy. The truth is, not all Etsy creators are photographers. So the obvious choice is to just use the image which was the ‘source of inspiration’ right? right? NOPE!

That doesn’t mean you should use that Internet sourced image instead. There are times when people use images without verifying the source, leading to a lot of confusion among customers if they come across the same picture in some other website.

Why NOT to do it?

For starters, this puts the reputation of the seller to doubt. That’s bad for your perceived value in customer’s mind. It’s not cool. Other side effects include, people assuming that you are a reseller. But you are not — You are a creator. So it is a good idea to spend sometime crafting your photograph, as much as you craft your product.

Second Problem: The other end of the spectrum

The similar holds good the other other way too. Your product images may end up on some other online retailer or e-commerce site, or someone else’s portfolio online.

The Solution: Practice Image Chastity

Well, we discussed the problem. It now makes sense to discuss the solution.

Solving the first problem. Simply refrain and make considerable efforts to create great product photos by yourself. You don’t really need high tech gizmos for achieving this. A simple mobile camera coupled with a few free online tools can do the wonders for your store and product listings. We spoke about this in the previous past. Here’s the link.

Solving the second problem.

Rome wasn't built in a day Etsy cupThis is about protecting yourself against people who might use your photos. Well, imitation is a great symbol of flattery. I agree, but not at the cost of your business. This is where you could creatively use google image search.

Google Image Search: This is Fun!

Have a look at the image on the right. As I type this article, this one is trending on Etsy. It is listed at $16.10. I save this image on my desktop and do a simple Google Image search. 

The Results. Surprise, surprise! 

Google does the magic here. Google goes around the Internet and finds every case where this particular image is on the Internet.

This is what google image search found out for image result of mug on etsy

To our surprise, we find the same listing on the different websites, at the different prices:

  • Etsy → $16.10
  • eBay → £7.99
  • → $17.00 + $8.97 shipping
  • → £5.99


Others can find information about your image, just the way you can find information about theirs. It’s about who does it first.

Technology is indeed, a double edged sword!

Try google image search on one of your product images for the Surprise! 

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