Twitter marketing for Etsy: 6 data backed tips to boost your Etsy store on Twitter

Hashtags are the pillar stones of Twitter. They guide us towards the content of our preference in a world of exploding tweets. It is common knowledge that one of the most frequently used hashtags in the Etsy world is #etsy. That is where we began our investigation.

We took a sample of 30000 tweets with #etsy and analyzed them to reveal some major trends that can be replicated for success. What did we find?

Here is a summary of everything that we learned.

  • Use two hashtags for maximum engagement. We found that the engagement rate keeps increasing till 2 hashtags and then drops steeply after that.

  • Pick up combinations from frequently used words to increase familiarity and engagement. There are a number of words that are repeated in most of the tweets with RT. The top 10 frequently used words in tweets with retweets  are:



  • Use different combinations of the frequently used hashtags to maximize exposure.Top 10 frequently used hashtags used in tweets with at least one RT

wordcloud1- Twitter data

  • Don’t refrain from adding links to your tweets. Link posts are performing a great deal on the metric of Retweets.98% of all tweets with RTs are link posts.
  • Maintain a positive tone in your tweets. According to sentiment analysis tweets with positive tone get maximum retweets. With 16149 out of 20000 which is 80% of all analyzed tweets with RTs having a positive tone.
  • You don’t have to use all 140 characters.The number of characters in the tweet is not related to the engagement rate. Thus a tweet with just one character is as likely to get a retweet as a tweet with 140 characters. It is all based on context.

Let us look at each of these points in detail:

Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms. With 317 million active monthly users, it is one of the most influential platforms for all forms of social conversations. With trending hashtags to live videos, the platforms has evolved a lot over the years to become the vibrant play field for the exchange of information and opinion.

The influence of Twitter has touched the world of Etsy as well. Thousands of Etsy sellers use Twitter on a daily basis to promote their products/store and to engage with their audience. Our attempt to fathom the depth of twitter impact on the Etsy world lead to some interesting insights that will help all sellers perform better on Twitter.

  1. How many hashtags gives great engagement?

Everyone knows adding hashtags to tweets increases engagement but how many is too many? This is a question that has been looming around for quite a while now. Let us see what our analysis reveals.

Bar graph for relationship between number of hashtags and RTs

This simple bar graph between the number of hashtags/tweet and the number of retweets/tweet reveals a startling insight. The engagement rate increases by 100% when you use one hashtag instead of zero hashtags. The engagement again sees a massive jump when you use two hashtags. The real revelation lies in the fact that the engagement drastically drops after that. This gave us a clear inference:

The engagement/tweet is maximum at 2 hashtags and it goes for a massive slump if you increase or… Click To Tweet
  1. What words are frequently used?

Twitter is the ultimate battleground of wordplay. With just 140 characters to utilize every word that you use must be carefully drafted. What words do the successful Etsy Twitterati use? Here are the top 10 words that are most used in the tweets with RTs



  1. What hashtags should I use?

Now that we know the number of hashtags that we should use, let us see what hashtags we should use. Here is the list of top 10 hashtags used by Etsy sellers on Twitter.


Let’s take a closer look at the hashtags.  As expected #etsy & #Etsy tops the list of the most frequently used hashtags closely followed by #handmade. One particular hashtag that is quite interesting is the #etsymntt. Etsy meet and tweet is an Etsy group that has promoted the hashtag #etsymnt. In recent times due to oversaturation of the hashtag, Etsy sellers have started using #etsymntt. How many of these do you use?Go ahead and try them.

  1. What types of posts work best on Twitter?

Being successful on Twitter requires a certain amount of resource management skills because at the end of the day you are on expected to manage limited characters and time for maximum impact. So what should you post? Our analysis told us that 98% of all tweets with RT are link posts. That’s good news, isn’t it? This effectively means your product links can act as good ways to get the necessary engagement if used effectively.

98% of all #etsy tweets with RT are link posts Click To Tweet
  1.  Optimism pays

Twitter is an emotional platform. Heated debates to loving support, Twitter has always been the platform of short yet emotional conversations. What emotion gets the maximum engagement for the e-commerce sellers? A sentiment analysis on the text of all 20k tweets with RT tells us that a positive tone is always more appreciated. 16149 weets out of the 20000 analyzed posts have a positive tone.

According to sentiment analysis tweets with positive tone get maximum retweets 80% of all analyzed… Click To Tweet
  1. How long should the tweet be?

We all know that Twitter gives us 140 characters to express but it doesn’t mean we have to use all the characters. So how long should your tweets ideally be? Our analysis tells us that the average length of #etsy tweets is 15.4 words. This does not mean that your tweet has to be exactly 15.4 words to get retweeted. In fact, as we went deeper we understood that the length of the tweet is not related to the engagement at all.

The number of characters in the tweet is not related to the engagement rate.

a tweet with just one character is as likely to get a retweet as a tweet with 140 characters. Click To Tweet


This is an attempt to analyze and understand what data tells us about successful Etsy tweets. The six data back research points are easily replicable facts that you can try right away to see results. Go ahead and try them and tell us which ones worked for you.

Special thanks to our friend Karthik Subramanian for his support on data analytics.


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