8 Things About 140 Characters: A Visual Guide to Twitter’s New Changes

In May, Twitter announced big changes to the 140 character limit for tweets.

And after a few months, they have finally rolled out the new features.

The 140 character limit used to come with a lot of baggage. As the feature rolls out to everyone on Twitter, there are some cool changes that will enable all of us to say more in our Tweets.

Twitter has written a few words about these changes. We’ve created a visual guide that explains 8 new changes in Twitter’s rules about 140 characters.

Here they are:

1. You can add a photo but you’ll still have 140 characters for your Tweet.



2. You’ll have 140 characters even if you add multiple photos.



3. GIFs? Sure! Embed GIFs in your Tweet and you’ll have 140 characters intact.


These only work for GIFs that you embed from Twitter’s GIF option. If you paste a link to a GIF, that gets counted.


4. When you hit “Reply”, the @mention doesn’t get counted in the 140 limit.

Mentions in Replies don't get counted.


5. But when you type a @mention, it does get counted.



6. You can comment/quote in 140 characters when you “Retweet”.


One interesting way you can use this is when you want to Tweet in two parts. Tweet something first, and then retweet it with a comment (with 140 characters at your disposal).


7. When you paste or type links in your tweet, 23 characters are used up.



8. Remember “.@” in Tweets? You can forget them.


If you want to know more about these changes, check out Twitter’s blogpost here.

We’re implementing these changes into Around.io so you can say more about your product, or add more words to your Tweet even when you add a photo!

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