What to Post on Instagram – 25 Types of Posts To Grow Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is probably the best social media channel to promote your business and build your brand today.

Despite Snapchat (which attracts millions of teenagers), Instagram has retained the top-spot for brands to drive traffic to their shops and get sales from their Instagram posts.

But then, not every online seller is killing it on Instagram.

The #1 problem most online sellers face is: what to post on Instagram? (so that it increases your engagement, builds your brand and gives you a lot of traffic)

Don’t just post product pics

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely in that stage where you want to find out what to post on Instagram so that you get more favs, more followers and eventually, more traffic to your shop.

Most Instagram profiles (of shops) are full of boring product photos. This kills your brand presence on Instagram.

So here’s the only rule you’ll need to make sure your shop’s Instagram is not “boring”: don’t just post product photos. Introduce a little (or a lot of) variety.

Variety is what helps your shop build an engaged audience. An engaged audience helps you grow your business.

Instagram has changed its algorithms now. This means, the only way to show up on your followers’ Instagram feed is by posting interesting things that they’re more likely to “fav” or comment (basically, engage with).

So here’s what we did:

We dove into Instagram and started looking at what kind of pics other successful online sellers are posting on their Instagram. After a few days of this, we came up with a set of patterns that these folks use.

The result of that search is this: 25 interesting types of posts that will answer “What to post on Instagram?” clearly.

25 Types of Instagram Pics You Should Start Posting Now

Quickly, here are 25 types of Instagram pics you can start posting.

  2. Behind the scenes / work-in-progress
  3. Product display
  4. Product in use (customer’s photo)
  5. Discounts, offers or giveaways
  6. Bite-sized life hacks (with your product)
  7. Your workspace
  8. Tools you use
  9. Slice of life
  10. Selfie
  11. Seasonal announcement
  12. Funny product illustrations
  13. Things you cherish / like
  14. The Brag
  15. “I’m reading”
  16. Pets
  17. Video slideshow
  18. Creative feed/profile
  19. Milestone
  20. Flatlay
  21. Product collage
  22. Pre-launch excitement (Coming Soon)
  23. Ask for feedback
  24. Photos of people your customers admire
  25. Causes, charity

What to Post on Instagram?

1. Share quotes

Quotes are motivating and inspiring – something that your audience will like even if quotes are so common these days.

2. Show a work in progress or a simple “Behind the scenes”

People love to see how a product is made because we’re in an age where customers want to be more involved / invested into the things they buy.

3. Showcase your product

Product showcase is where you put a bunch of your products together in one single pic. These can be great – as you can see in the next picture – when you have multiple options / variations for the same product.

4. A customer using your product

This is called “user-generated content” – something that your customers put out with your product.

5. Announce a discount or a giveaway

Frequent discounts and offers are a great way to create buzz about your shop and keep your brand in people’s radar.

6. Bite-sized life hacks (with your product)

Or sometimes, life-hacks can even be just simple life-hacks without involving your product in it.

7. Show your workspace

8. What are the tools you use

9. A slice of your (daily) life


10. The classic “selfie”

Some people are natural at this. But some are not. Don’t be shy to post that selfie once in a while. Your followers, fans, customers are people who love to see (and associate) a brand with a human and this lets you do this.

11. The seasonal announcement

12. Funny product illustrations

Illustrations is just one way. Think of other interesting ways to make your products look “funny”.

13. Things you cherish / like

14. Brag a little

Got featured somewhere? That’s a good thing! A little brag won’t hurt!

15. What are you reading

Share photos of book covers or specific passages from books. Not to tell people that you read but to share an interesting read with your fans.

16. Show your pets

I mean, we all know cats have won the Internet a long time ago!

17. A simple product video slideshow

A quick video slideshow of your products is a great way to get people interested in your work (and your shop).

18. Do something creative with your profile

Sometimes, creativity can be both fun and engaging. Like the example above, you can post a series of photos that add-up like tiles and create a bigger picture. You can also use this format to run contests.

19. Reached a milestone?



Celebrate milestones and involve your fans and followers in the celebration. What better reason to announce a discount or a sale than to celebrate a milestone!

20. The classic flatlay

21. Make a collage out of your products

22. Build a buzz before launching a product (“Coming Soon”)

It is important to build a buzz before launching your product. This helps in creating a pre-launch interest – a bunch of people are already attuned to what you’re about to launch and increase sales. You can do this like how @kloraneau does with its mystery products. Or you could just simply upload a few images with blurred out details.

23. Ask for feedback

This goes back to involving customers more into your “making” process!

24. Photos of people your customers admire – celebs!

25. Causes, charity


This list is by no means exhaustive but 25 types of IG posts should help you get started right away. Pull out your camera or image editor and start creating a variety of Instagram pics for your shop!

And then, it’s time to start posting!

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