What to Sell on Etsy – Top 10 Best Selling Products and Categories

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What are the Etsy best sellers? Have you considered creating an Etsy store but you’re not sure what to list? Etsy is a great opportunity for arts and crafts experts to break into the eCommerce business. It is an online eCommerce portal site that accepts all types of sellers. The only criteria are that you have to create the item yourself or produce it in its sellable form yourself. If creativity is a big part of your life and you have always wondered what to sell on Etsy to make this creativity profitable, this article will try to give you a starting point.

What to Sell on Etsy

The hardest part of deciding on an eCommerce venture is to choose what to focus on. Etsy has thousands of items in several categories, and they allow you to sell in the following categories for their platform:

1) Home and Living

Some sellers on Etsy.com focus on things for your home. From handcrafted pots for plants to home decor of all kinds, many sellers have success in this category. If you have a knack for selling home decorative items or interior design products, this may be a great category for you to explore.

what to sell on etsy - home and living

2) Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the hottest-selling categories on this eCommerce site. People all over the world sell various jewelry items in this category, and many of the pieces are handmade.

best selling items in etsy - jewelry

3) Clothing

Handmade clothing items are also a favorite selling category so if you have a knack for sewing or embroidery, Etsy may be a good platform for you.

Most of the clothing items feature personalized names or accents that allow you to customize the clothing for specific customers. Many of the T-shirts sold in this category are vanity statements or declarations about popular trending topics. Some sellers purchase white T-shirts, then decorate them in ways that people like to sell on Etsy. This category also features many accessories such as belts, bags, and other items, as well.



4) Toys and Games

The Toys and Games category features a variety of handcrafted toys and games for all ages. From baby items to electronics games, you can sell many different items in this category as long as it qualifies as a game or toy.

Etsy best selling - Toys and games

5) Craft Supplies and Tools

Instead of selling completed items, some people focus on selling craft supplies and tools to enable others to create things for Etsy. This is a lucrative category if you have a supplier that can keep you furnished with many supplies. From candle-making supplies to doll-making and many other hobbies, you can be the go-to person that people turn to in order to find supplies to create their craft items.

what to sell on etsy - craft supplies

6) Kids and Baby

This category is popular because it offers a wide variety of products that are handmade or created for children and infants. These items make great gifts, and many mothers of infants or others come to Etsy to look for these types of products.

etsy kids and baby products

7) Vintage

The Vintage category is dedicated to featuring all sorts of older or antique items. If you have older items that you have restored or antique dishes, for example, you can sell them on Etsy in the Vintage category.

etsy vintage products

Top 10 Best Sellers On Etsy

Now that you have the 7 most important categories on Etsy, you may be interested in knowing what the most recent 10 best selling items were. Below is a list of the latest Etsy best sellers.

1) Stickers

Believe it or not, kids stickers are the number one selling category currently in Etsy. The only requirement is that they have to have been made by the seller in some way such as applying the design or creating the product in some way. Etsy’s format is unique because of its original craftsmanship so just make sure that you have a hand in creating what you sell. Stickers sell well because teachers, parents, and non-profit organizations often look for handcrafted stickers to buy in bulk that can serve as rewards and incentives for kids.


2) Handmade kids’ clothing

Kids’ clothing that is personalized or adds a unique touch is a big seller on Etsy. The concern about getting cute and trendy cloth for the kids is quite new, about few decades, and the market is booming right now. Plus we all know that people are ready to spend more to have personal items, this is even more true concerning kids clothing category (How can you resist to so much cuteness?). Also personalized kid’s clothing make great gifts, which brings even more customers than just parents to those stores. So remember to propose something that is unique for your customers and that will make the item very personal to them.


3) Homemade or Specialized Candies

Homemade Sweet, a jelly bean, and specialized candy store offers sweet treats that you cannot find in a regular candy store. They are wrapped in unique wrapping to give them a distinctive flair. Recently, a company sold over 220,000 such sweet treats to customers on Etsy alone. Now, that’s sweet!

Homemade or Specialized Candies from Etsy - best selling items

4) Party decorations

Party decorations go over big on Etsy. Why? Because people don’t want to have to drive to a party store and they enjoy browsing through the hundreds of party items available on this powerhouse supplier’s site. Plus, one more time, customers can ask for personalisation. People that are throwing parties are doing for a reason: they want them to be memorable! Personalization help them reaching that goal.

What to sell on etsy - Party decorations

5) Vinyl & heat transfer supplies

Just like the personalized clothing items, plastic, and heat transfer supplies are also a big seller on Etsy. Just like for jewels pieces and beads, this come probably from the fact that Etsy craft sellers buy vinyl and heat transfer supplies in order to realize their own creation and sell them on their stores. The platform is aware of this fact and reacted by launching another marketplace called Etsy studio, made for craft items suppliers.

Vinyl & heat transfer supplies - etsy best sellers

6) Jewelry articles & findings

One of the current top seller store on Etsy is called BohemianFindings. The store which opened in 2010 have sold not less than 1,084,068 “Unusual charms, buttons, beads and findings”. A great example of Etsy success. There is a bit of a paradox here: while there are thousands of jewelry stores on the platform, the top sellers of the jewelry category are actually not creators but supplier, mostly of chain and pendants as well as beads and other items that craft artists will assemble later on for their own shop.

Jewelry articles & findings - Etsy

7) Home decor, Art & Collectibles

The home decor category sells thousands of pieces per week. One example is the handmade photo charm pendant (marketed by Share Living) that sold 273,704 pieces to date at $5 each. Think about the amount of profit they made on this item when it only took them around $2 to create it.

Home decor, Art & Collectibles - top selling on Etsy

8) Unique items

Items that are hard to find in brick-and-mortar stores can become Etsy best sellers. That’s because people who deal with arts, crafts and jewelry have come to realize that Etsy is now the go-to site to find these rare or hard-to-find treasure. Another example of a huge seller is the large acrylic top hole teardrop bead that sold for $2.99 per piece. They sold 291,188 of them!

Unique items on Etsy

9) Vintage items

Vintage items have a great success on Etsy because they are not easy to find. Because of their scarcity, people are ready to pay the price. Authentics vintages items are usually sold in junk shop and collectors have to travel a lot in order to find them. Etsy vintage category makes the searching process much more easier for them.

Vintahe items in 10 most selling items on Etsy

10) Hard-to-Find items

Finally, offering anything unique that is hard-to-find can help you to create a steady income for your Etsy business. If you provide access to items that cannot be found elsewhere, you may be rolling in dough soon. It can either be some really hard to find antique items, but don’t forget that Etsy is a marketplace for creative people before everything else. This means that you can create whatever rare items you desire since it will be your creation only. Think well about the niche market you could fit in and take the leap!

Hard to find items on etsy

How to Succeed on Etsy

Well, there you have it! We gave you 7 categories and 10 unique items and ideas that you can start selling right now. If you are not sure about what to sell on Etsy, this post should get you started and get your creative ideas going. It’s easy to start an eCommerce store on Etsy, so the best thing to do is to get started. If you don’t succeed in one category, try, try, again. There’s a whole world of potential customers out there just dying to see what you’ll offer.






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